Images causing you sleepless nights? It's time to relax. Here is a trick.

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Images in item banks became a nightmare last September. We found some workarounds but eventually all of these stopped working, too. 


We'd upload an image to a a question in an item bank and be told it may not work in another course. Even after sharing the item bank, the quizzes wouldn't show the images. Students would constantly complain images would not load during a quiz or exam. 

The Latest Fix

There are image properties which you can change in the Files of your blueprint course. The fastest way is to change the folder permissions. Change the folder permissions to publish and all images will now be seen by anyone copying the quiz. We also noticed each individual file has a "public" option and this worked for us, too. 

Go to Files and scroll until you find Uploaded Media. Change that folder to publish.  It should have the green circle with a checkmark inside it. 


Uploaded Media Folder.png

Let us know!

Like everyone else trying to find a solution to this problem, let us know if this works for you.  Good luck!

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