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New Quizzes: I need to embed audio, video and pictures/images

I am a World Language Teacher.

New Quizzes does not allow me to embed audio links, video clips or pictures/images.

These items are crucial for World Languages.

* I need to provide audio clips for listening comprehension activities.

* Students need to be able to submit audio and video clips to demonstrate speaking proficiency skills.

* I need to incorporate videos for instruction, and more...

* Audio, video and pictures/images are crucial for our Special Education Students and our ESL /ELL students.

The images are also crucial for Mathematics Teachers.

Canvas, I hope you will make this update.

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Thanks for bringing it up this issue.

I completely agree. I have the exact same concern.

I teach Spanish and I use multiple videos and recordings in most of my Quiz Instructions and many of my quiz questions.

I hope the New Quizzes editor will soon allow us to embed videos, including Canvas Studio Videos.

I have been relying heavily on Canvas Studio, which is very versatile, since it allows us to add and edit captions, edit the details of our videos, add on screen quizzes, etc.  

I have hundreds of quizzes that rely on videos and recordings (both in the Instructions and in the questions). Many of them with embedded Canvas Studio Videos. 

I have tried the different recommended options for migrating Classic Quizzes into New Quizzes but my Canvas Studio Videos do not show up in my migrated quizzes, so I really hope this issue will be resolved before we move to new quizzes. 

Thanks again for bringing up this issue!

I would like to start migrating my quizzes, but I cannot do it without a full editor that allows me to embed videos and recordings (and ideally Canvas Studio videos as well).

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I know we will have similar questions about this. It's hard to know if this will be done in time or before the official feature parity release date for New Quizzes. It's "par for the course" when expecting something to match what currently exists in Classic Quizzes, and currently isn't in New Quizzes. It's going to be painful to see faculty I support want to take the plunge into New Quizzes when all their required features aren't going to be there for quite some time. 

Let's hope Instructure gets us a better timeline for when certain feature parity milestones are going to be met. 

Is there a specific person or group to contact within Canvas that you recommend?

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I teach Sign Language.  If I can not embed media, I will not be able to teach online. This is VERY disappointing...

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Is there a specific person or group within the Canvas infrastructure that you recommend I contact?

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In building a New Quiz, I am able to use the Upload Media Icon to embed .mp4 video files and .jpg, .png, .gif images, but not .m4a audio files. For audio files it seems to restrict me to .mp3 or .wav or .ogg.  I can't see any way to embed Canvas Studio videos. It would be ridiculous from a user perspective if the recommended process were to download them from Studio and then upload them as an .mp4 so I hope that is NOT Canvas's answer to this question. Also, a student should be able to record or embed a Canvas Studio video or audio as their answer to the question. This does not seem possible from either the file upload question type or the essay question type with Rich Content Editor checked.




This seems like an awful lot of work to create a solution to our problem.  I appreciate all of your time and effort.  Whew...    

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Great point @briddell!

I got a good tip from a colleague on how to work around this issue and embed a Canvas Studio in the Instructions of a New Quiz (not in the questions though, which as far as I can tell have no editor function that allow to include any media).

My savvy colleague's tip  to embed a Canvas Studio Video in the Instructions of a new quiz is:

"You can't import videos from Studio directly, but you can create a public link and embed that code into a New Quiz question. 
In a nutshell, you go to the Studio Library and click on the 3 dots (lower righthand corner).  Choose Share Media and click Create Public Link.  Copy the embed code and paste it in the quiz question.  Use the "Insert/Edit media button and you'll see an embed option"
I tried this option, and I was able to embed a Canvas Studio video in the Instructions of a New Quiz (minus all the Canvas Studio functionality: no details, no comments, no on screen quizzes, etc. which are arguably the main point of using Canvas Studio. But you can at least watch the video 🙂 It will make for a long and cumbersome process of migration to the New Quizzes if we don't have an easier alternative.
Classic Quizzes also allow us to quickly record short media (audio and video) directly into our quick questions, without having to import it. And I have not found yet an efficient way of migrating all my old media in the hundreds of quizzes that I will need to migrate. I will continue to play around with it.
Still hoping for a better and smoother solution for all of us trying to create and migrate quizzes that are heavy on media.
Thanks for any other ideas or suggestions!
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Sorry! I misspoke before! The questions do have the same editor functionality that the instructions section does, but, as far as I can tell, they do not currently allow to directly record or create new media in them (unless you import it) or to easily embed Canvas Studio Videos (with their full functionality). Please, correct me if I am wrong.

I truly hope @canvas will update New Quizzes functionality to bring back teachers' ability to upload video and audio as easily as before with Classic Quizzes.  I also hope they will update New Quizzes to allow students to reply with audio and video.

I am enjoying reading other teachers' thoughts /comments /idea sharing.

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This is interesting. In my New Quizzes, in a Question Stem I can upload media, including videos. See video. 

I agree about the importance of being able to access Studio Artifacts for New Quizzes for both questions (for faculty) and answers (for students)

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Thanks for the tip @briddell 

I was trying the insert/upload medial link instead, which works by allowing me  to copy and paste the code for the public link of Canvas Studio videos to embed them in the question (without the additional functionality, such as comments, details, on screen quizzes, etc.) but at least the videos work 🙂

I am trying the Upload link you suggested now. So far, it does not seem to work with my videos, probably because they are not the right format, as you mentioned before. I can drag them and embed them, but not view them 😞 I will keep on playing around with them though, and see if I can figure this out. 

The Classic Quizzes also gave us the option to record media right on the instructions and/or questions. So I have a lot of short recordings that I created on Classic Quizzes which as of right now I have no idea how to move to New Quizzes. 

Granted, I am no tech ninja here, so hopefully there is a way to transfer or recreate these recordings and videos into the New Quizzes that I have not yet figured out. 

But I really hope we are going to have an easier and smoother way to migrate our Classic Canvas Quizzes to New Quizzes without having to manually transfer every single media question one by one. 

And I would also hope to retain the ability to record media and import Canvas Studio videos into the New Quizzes.

Any idea of who we should be trying to reach out @Canvas o regarding these issues?

Thanks again for all your suggestions!

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THIS. The inability to record audio from within the question/answer RCE is a dealbreaking roadblock in my team's efforts to persuade some teachers to transition to the New Quizzes. If this is not available by the sunset date*, it's going to be a great loss to our struggling readers, students on IEPs, ELs, etc. (*Edit: the feature comparison tool does have this functionality listed as a "by transition" item. But according to the sunsetting timeline, we're less than a year out from being unable to create anymore Classic quizzes)

This is such an obvious accessibility issue that I am surprised Canvas has not put it on a front burner, considering Instructure's emphasis on having Canvas be the top LMS for accessibility.

Screen Readers have been suggested, but frankly, even a high quality embedded screen reader would be only a barely adequate substitute for struggling students hearing the spoken word in their teacher's voice.

File uploads for audio and video has also been discussed, but the current New Quizzes file upload process is much too clunky and labor intensive for it to be a workable alternative.

Perhaps if the Pandora's box had not been already opened with Classic Quizzes, this wouldn't be such a painful issue for our teachers and students. But the tool has been provided for many years now, and the prospect of sucking it back is a pretty awful one. We desperately need this functionality to be continued prior to the sunset date.