New Quizzes - One District To Another

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I changed districts within the state of NC.  I have "lost" my New Quizzes that I created in my old district and my abundant banks created for my course as well.  I tried putting my entire course in the commons and then copying them once I was in my new district.  I also tried exporting my course and the quizzes to a hard drive before I left my old district as well. The Quizzes I really want are in the new quizzes version, which for some reason weren't the ones that can be imported from the course in the commons.  From my understanding and attempts also, the quizzes from the previous district can't be shared with me in another district either.  All my new quizzes are still present and usable in my old district which is what I want but also want to be able to use them too.  I am at a loss.  Lots of time and tons of effort I've left behind.  Please help me.  I feel like there's something I'm missing as well as all the people I know to ask in my current and previous districts.

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