One more needed feature of Canvas New Quizzes LTI-manual student unlock?

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Well, now that Canvas New Quizzes is in full swing the program has improved. Although there are many features that have vastly improved since it's first launch, there are still some to be asked for. One I'd like to suggest to the community is this: allowing students to access and change previous attempts.

Now, this would be a feature made only available if New Quizzes is used not as an assessment, but as a practice or a skill builder.

Essentially, as the instructor is building the assignment they can have the option to denote the new quiz as either an assessment or a practice. As an assessment the students participating get the attempt(s) but once submitted cannot access to change any input of the previous attempt. If the setting is put as a practice, assignment, or skill builder, when a student submits the assignment they can unlock the previous attempt and fix any errors they've made.

The reason I think this would be a great tool, is if your students are working on a lengthy new quizzes as an assignment (not an assessment), and they miss only one question, they could go back into the previous attempt and fix the one mistake instead of starting all over again with a fresh attempt. Yes, you can go in and manually unlock the students previous attempt in the moderate section, but let's say many of your students are getting one or two questions consistently wrong but the rest correct. As both a feedback and time saver, creating a feature to allow the student to manually unlock a previous attempt and fix the one or two errors would save a lot of time and effort.

As an instructor I regularly use the New Quizzes LTI tool as both practice assignments and assessments, especially since the formula feature is awesome. The formula question sets allow each student to get their own problem and reduces raw copying/cheating. However, if you have a set of ten formula problems and the student made one mistake (misplaced decimal or a slight misunderstanding of a concept) it'd be nice to allow them to make a quick fix instead of going through and redoing all the formula questions on a new attempt (a new attempt will generate new numbers for the formula each time).

That's my food for thought. What is everyone elses' thoughts?