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Outcomes at the root account seem to be the only ones you can align with a New Quizzes item

Hi all, 

Our Canvas instance has a pretty deep hierarchy of sub-accounts it goes like this:

Main account > institution > college > department > campus

Here's an example:

Main account > Med School > College of Health & Human Services > Department of Physical therapy > LA Campus.

We have an assessment coordinator who created institutional outcomes at the college level.

However when she goes to align an institutional outcome with an item in a course bank, the only outcomes that appear are the ones that are in the top level main account.  The outcomes that she created in her college level sub account are not available to be aligned. They don't appear at all.

The course is downstream of the college level account, yet it can't detect any outcomes other than what is in our instance's main account. 

Is that the normal behavior for New Quizzes outcome alignment because it's an LTI and cant detect sub-accounts yet?

If so, are there future plans to enable New Quizzes to detect outcomes that were created in sub-accounts?


Or am I missing something?





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Hello @benjamin_rodrig, I did some poking around on my instance. My instructor user was able to use the Find Outcomes dialog to import an outcome from both levels of the subaccount hierarchy that the course was listed in. The Outcomes were created by an admin user at those levels. The instructor was able to import both outcomes to a New Quiz. 

I wonder if the assessment coordinator's user account has to be enrolled in the course in order to see the subaccount outcomes. Does that make a difference?

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I haven't thought of that! Let me give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi, @GregoryBeyrer 


I went back to give it a try. I noticed that the Item Banks index in a course seems to only look at the root account while adding an outcome to an item in the Build section of New Quizzes does recognize the Outcomes that have been imported into a course from the account level. I also confirmed that the admin who I mentioned before is also a Teacher enrolled in the course.


It appears as though the Item Banks index looks only to the top level account, while the items in a New Quizzes quiz look to the course level outcomes (which would have been previously imported into the course. 


Do you think I'm doing something wrong, or is it the same experience on your end?



Thanks @benjamin_rodrig for your replies. I looked at item banks and see that a New Quizzes item bank can be shared with the entire institution but it has to be done by an admin user, and the sharing cannot be limited to a sub-account. An instructor user can share them with other instructor users. Since the item bank sharing is limited, I did not look at the relationship with Outcomes.

I think we're together discovering opportunities for development work, and I'm glad this discussion is in the New Quizzes Users group.

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@GregoryBeyrer , @benjamin_rodrig , @mbmacdonald:

Hello all.  I created a feature request on this topic: [New Quizzes] Allow any outcome available to the course to be aligned to questions in item banks. If this is important to you, please vote for it.


Thank you!

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Hi I appreciate this discussion re: Course-level outcomes vs. account/subaccount-level outcomes. I have similar concerns. However, I believe (although I hope I am wrong!) this is all a moot point right now because: IF you can figure out how to align an (Sub)account-level outcome to a NQ quiz or question (or item in NQ Item bank) - then it still won't show up in a (sub)account-level outcome results report. Right? that functionality isn't built out yet? Or am I misunderstanding something

The reason we use sub-accounts is so that we can pull reports at that level (for a department/program). So any outcome functionality in NQ is not working for us right now. Again, I hope I am wrong.

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