Time (24hrs?) to generate item analysis for new quizzes

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It seems that new quizzes can take up to 24 hours to generate an item analysis? Is there anyway to get around that and see sooner how students performed?

The situation: I gave an exam this morning. When we used Blackboard, I could see the exam statistics immediately, make changes to question grading as needed (e.g., make some questions extra credit if they were too hard or remove some if they seemed ambiguous) and have the grades out to students the same day. But, with CANVAS, it looks like I will not be able to start working on grading the exam till the next day after the item analysis report is generated, which can take up to 24 hours? (Currently, it is 3 hours and counting since I gave the exam).

Is there anyway to speed this up? If not, can this be a feature request i.e., it should not take 24 hours to be able to see how students did on each question in a quiz?

I believe classic quizzes allow you to see student aggregate performance per question immediately. Something like that for new quizzes would be very helpful even if it does not include all the statistics (reliability, difficulty, etc.). Unfortunately, it seems like, by making the item analysis report the only way for instructors to see how students answered new quiz questions, some of the basic functionality of being able to quickly see what percentage of students chose each answer is lost? Or, if I am mistaken, please correct me.



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Hi @AkwasiOpoku-Dak,

Currently this is how it works and you can't speed it up, but no feature request is needed as we already aware and have plans to speed it up. You can see it's on our roadmap. Actually I'm already working on this topic and will post an article in the New Quizzes Hub in the upcoming days.

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