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Where to Create Item Bank--in the Development Site or in the Active Course?

Is there any advice about whether to create New Quizzes item banks in the development site of a course or in the active course itself? 

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With New Quizzes where you build the Item Banks is not as important as who builds the item banks. So you can build the item banks in either the development course or in the active course. Item banks are now stored at a higher organizational level and are therefore not associated with a specific course (at least from my experience so far testing).

Instead, you want to make sure that the owner of the test bank has permissions. For example, as an Instructional Designer, I can build the testbanks for a faculty member. But then I must go and share the questions and item banks with that faculty member so it is easy for them to locate and find the item banks.

I hope this helps.

- Melissa