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How do I copy a question bank to another course?


I need copy only a question bank from a course to another. Is there possible?

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For New Quizzes, the item banks are account based.  I noticed that on a different course shell on the same account, you’ll have access to anything you made in an item bank. 

I do not know if an export package would actually save the item banks in the export package though.  That is unknown for me.

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Yes, it is possible by importing content. Assuming that you are the teacher for both courses (one with the question bank and another one where you want to transfer it), follow these steps:

  1. In the Course Navigation of the course where you want to transfer the question bank, click the Settings link.
  2. On the right side, Click the Import Course Content button.
  3. In the Content Type drop-down menu, select the Copy a Canvas Course option.
  4. In the Search for a course drop-down menu, search the original course where your question bank is located.
  5. In the Content section, click the Select specific content radio button.
  6. Click the Import button.
  7. In the Current Jobs section, click the Select Content button.
  8. Locate the Question Banks group. To view the Question Banks, click the group's expand icon.
  9. Select whatever questions banks you want to import then click Select Content.
  10. The Current Jobs section displays the status of your import. When done, go to the course where you imported the question bank(s) for verification.
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What if you aren't the instructor in the other course. We have 7,000+ online students and 500 master shells. SME's and Instructional Designers create quizzes/exams in the master shell, which copies to live sections every 8 weeks. The people who develop the quizzes don't always teach, or teach all sections.

What do we do in that case? 

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Can some form Instructure comment on this ? What is the solution for institutions (like ours) that have 600+ master shells and copy content from that into live sections every 8 weeks. The users who develop the content in the masters (SME's and ID's) are almost never the people who teach the courses. Will our model just no longer work when we move to New Quizzes ? Will teachers in live sections be unable to actually edit item banks - without us going manually to each item bank (many many 1,000's) and sharing them with the courses or users (the new sharing tool). 



@sharris  The product manager for New Quizzes has been actively engaging with our members in a New Quizzes blog series where content migration is a key topic on everyone's minds. Please read through  Priority Gathering for the New Quizzes Roadmap, comment there if you'd like, and follow Sue's profile to receive notifications of her additional blog posts.

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 - I wasn't able to join the blogs you have where you are taking feedback. Please see the above. It's essential that Item Banks within New Quizzes can be copied from course to course, despite the individual end-user. 

Our institution has almost 1,000 master shells, which are created by SME's and ID's. Every 8 weeks, the content of that master shell is copied to the live teaching sections, which are almost always taught by people who didn't develop the content. Currently - we are not able to copy New Quiz Item Banks, which means our faculty cannot actually edit questions within there quizzes. This is a non-starter for us and the main reason we've held off on using the product. If this isn't fixed, I'm not sure how we are able to use quizzes/exams within our courses without hardship on our employees to manually transfer those banks. 

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@sharris  I was able to get confirmation that copying course content using the import course content feature of course settings creates a duplicate of all content, including item banks.  That means your instructors will have access to a copy of the item bank to edit.

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@Steven_S  - 

That's not my experience, after doing testing this afternoon.

Course A - Instructor Y

Course B - Instructor Z

Course A has quizzes and item banks, all created by Instructor Y. I copied everything over to Course B using the Import Course Content feature (copy all content). Everything copies, except item banks. When I access Course B as Instructor Z, the item banks page is blank and I'm unable to edit those. I didn't do anything else, except copy the content - which would be expected behavior in our 700 master shells that copy every 8 weeks (the copy process is automated via API). When I visit the quizzes in Course B, I can see the item banks are still pulling, and I'm able to preview the quizzes, except the item banks are not actually visible or editable. 

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@sharris wrote:

(the copy process is automated via API).

Try the same thing manually by going to course settings, and then selecting import course content from the right side menu.  Last spring I double checked our copied mater courses with other live instructors, and they had access to the questions in the copied banks.  What is reportedly happening with this form of course import is a complete copy of everything used in the course.  (Compare the way it works if the banks are attached to the course itself or attached to the instructor who set up the master course, as that might work differently.)

I consider the view only access you describe to be the desirable outcome when the access is to the same bank as the master course.  (You wouldn't want every instructor making changes in the questions that impact every single course).  It would be useful to know how to achieve that form of course copy, so that choices could be made according to needs.  In the type of copy it sounds like you achieved, ideally instructors end up with access to one of each bank, rather than a copy created for every section of every course (the way rubrics are).  In this format, a banked question should be able to be duplicated, the duplicate edited (and added to the instructors own bank if desired) and then the original banked question removed from the quiz.  Instructors will be able to edit the questions this way, without impacting each others questions by changing the main question bank all are viewing.