New Quizzes Fill in the blank with multiple blanks having the same answer.

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Recently, as many of you know, Canvas has transitioned all of my old quizzes to new quizzes. It does seem to be more user friendly however I have run into a problem with fill in the blank questions. I am a chemistry teacher and I am trying to make questions where the students have to put the correct coefficient in the correct blank in from of the chemical formula in an equation. 

This is my formatting for the question:

Balance the following skeletal equation: `2`Li(s) + `2`H2O(l) ---> `2`LiOH(aq) + `1`H2(g). 

See the image to see what it looks like on their end.

One solution is to put a drop down menu, but I'd like to avoid that. Any ideas on what I can do?