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Partner Listing: Microsoft Education

Partner Listing: Microsoft Education

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Latest News

01/06/2021: The new OneDrive LTI for Canvas is generally available!! See all the details in the post below. Thanks to my friends from LTI office hours for reminding me to update this page 😊

10/06/2021: The new OneDrive LTI for Canvas is now available for public preview - without the need for a preview agreement! See below for more information and how to get started.

9/12/2021: The full course on the new integrations is available on the Microsoft Educator Center! The link is here: Connect faculty and learners with Canvas and Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Educator Center. We also have a webinar we are running live on Tuesday, September 14th to hear directly from Microsoft and Canvas about the new integrations:

The webinar will be held on Sept. 14, 2021 and two time options to provide customers in various time zones to attend:

We look forward to your customers joining this important webinar to learn how they can provide their educators and students with a “better together” rewarding solution, and leave with tools and resources ready to launch success.

8/31/2021: Two updates: We would love to invite any customers that are interested in the OneDrive private preview to reach out to to get signed up. In addition, we would invite all customers who have been using the Teams and Teams Meetings integrations to fill out this survey: Teams and LMS Integrations ( to give feedback and help our product team prioritize their roadmap. Thank you!

8/11/2021: We've been receiving questions about whether or not customers should still fill out the form now that the Teams classes and Teams meetings integrations have released publicly. The answer is YES! Filling out the form allows our customer success team to know you're interested in the integrations and send you information about how to self deploy the integrations and get help if you run into any issues. The form can be found here:

8/10/2021: The new Teams meetings LTI is here!

7/23/2021: Latest updates:

  • We’ve re-organized this page to make information easier to find.
  • We also encourage interested readers to subscribe to this page to stay current on the latest updates. To subscribe, click the kabob menu (the three vertical dots on the upper right side of the page) and select Subscribe.
  • The FAQ has been updated to reflect some of your most recent questions.

7/21/2021: We wanted to inform you all that our release timeline for the new OneDrive integration has been pushed back. We don't know the exact dates, but we are working hard to accelerate the delivery date as much as possible. We are also targeting the release of a full course on the Microsoft Educator Center and Microsoft Learn about the new integrations next month. I've been informed that community members aren't able to comment on this page - so I've been answering questions here: Canvas + Microsoft Upcoming LTI Integrations ( Feel free to @ mention SamanthaFisher there with questions.

7/16/2021: The Teams classes LTI app will be available for all Canvas customers by Friday, 7/23! This app will allow educators to create Teams for their Canvas courses, and gives students and educators an easy launch point into Teams from Canvas. We are so excited to role out this integration and get your feedback! 

7/6/2021: Click-through demos are now ready and posted below and in the Educator PD and support documentation section! Please reach out to with additional questions.

6/9/2021:  The new integrations between Canvas and Microsoft 365 are coming this summer!  See below for the latest info on what new capabilities are coming, links to professional development resources, FAQs, and how to get more info. 

5/28/2021: What's new in Microsoft Teams - Office Support


Microsoft 365 with Canvas

Microsoft 365 already has a number of helpful integrations with Canvas, including:

  • Creating a Teams meeting link from the rich content editor
  • Creating assignments and using SpeedGrader with Office 365 documents
  • Creating OneNote Class Notebooks for each of your Canvas courses
  • Leveraging the power of Microsoft's Immersive Reader on Canvas Pages

We are excited to be expanding on these capabilities in Summer 2021 with a collection of new LTI apps for OneDrive, Teams classes (now available!), and Teams meetings (now available). You can view an overview of the existing and new integrations in the attached presentation and get answers to your most pressing questions in the FAQ below.

Looking for assistance in getting set up with the new M365 LTIs as soon as they are available? Let us know by filling out the form and our customer success team will contact you with information on how to begin.

The wait is over! Microsoft OneDrive LTI is now generally available.

Microsoft OneDrive LTI is now generally available for all Canvas customers. Microsoft OneDrive LTI has rolled out to all customers and is no longer in preview. Microsoft OneDrive LTI brings the best of OneDrive and Office365 directly into Canvas. Educators can access their OneDrive files right within Canvas, add Office 365 files to modules and assignments, and grade Office 365 files in the Canvas SpeedGrader. Students can work on Office 365 cloud assignments, submit OneDrive files directly from Canvas in response to their assignments, and collaborate using Office 365 files within Canvas.

The new Microsoft OneDrive LTI has several exciting new features:

  • Users can add multiple OneDrive school accounts
  • Fully supports Canvas course copy
  • New and improved OneDrive file picker experience
  • Link or embed Office 365 files in modules and assignments
  • Use Office 365 files in Canvas Collaborations
  • And more!




To help you prepare for deploying this integration, we have provided the following resources:

If you’d like deployment assistance, please visit our scheduling form and select LTI Integrations Deployment to book a convenient day and time that works best for you and your team, including your Canvas administrator and your Microsoft tenant administrator.

Still have questions? Join our weekly LTI Open Office Hours with our LMS Integrations team. To attend, join our Teams Meeting during the following times:

  • Every Wednesday at 4:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Every Thursday from 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Teams classes LTI for Canvas is here!

You've asked for an easy way for educators to create class Teams for their Canvas courses and the wait is over. Educators will now be able to create class Teams based on the enrollment roster of their courses with appropriate user roles. Once the team is created, educators and students will be able to navigate to their associated class teams directly from their Canvas courses using desktop, mobile, or web platforms.

Please refer to the following resources for deployment:

Sign up to our interest form to get started and receive email updates.


Teams meetings LTI is now available!

Teams meetings LTI empowers educators and students to access and schedule Teams meetings for the class directly from Canvas using desktop, mobile, or web platforms.


To help you prepare for deploying this integration, we have provided the following resources:

If you’d like deployment assistance, please visit our scheduling form and select LTI Integrations Deployment to book a convenient day and time that works best for you and your team, including your Canvas administrator and your Microsoft tenant administrator.

Still have questions? Join our weekly LTI Open Office Hours with our LMS Integrations team.


Open Office Hours

Have questions about the integrations or the deployment process? Join our weekly LTI Open Office Hours with our LMS Integrations team, including representatives from our customer success deployment team and our product teams. To attend, join our Teams meeting  during the following times:

  • Every Wednesday at 4:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Every Thursday from 8:00 AM Pacific Time


Training and Documentation


Admin documentation

Our IT admin documentation describes the configuration process for new integrations.

Educator documentation

Our educator documentation describes how to use the LTI apps for educators.

Click-through Demos

Our interactive click-through demos give an overview of how to set up and use the new LTIs in Canvas:

Microsoft Educator Center Course

Connect faculty and learners with Canvas and Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Educator Center.

About Microsoft Education

Our Mission: Empower every student on the planet to achieve more.


Helpful Links


Home | Microsoft Education

Professional development portal:

Microsoft Educator Center

Microsoft Teams links:

Sales Contact: 

Contact us | Microsoft Education

Resources for remote learning: 

Distance & Remote Learning | Microsoft Education

Microsoft Education on social media:



At Microsoft, we understand the power of technology, and that's why we continue to innovate, create, and design in a way that gives everyone the ability to achieve more.


This article provides an overview of Teams-specific security and compliance.


We are committed to privacy. In our Microsoft Privacy Statement, you can find information on the following topics:

  • COPPA policy
  • Privacy department/officer contact
  • Data Deletion Request Process
  • Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out
  • Cookies or Tracking Technologies
  • Data correlation practices (across customers or create profiles)
  • Targeted Advertising using user data
  • Privacy Certifications or Seals

Hi @SamanthaFisher, I hope you are well. Hoping to get some assistance on where things are at with the Class Teams integration in particular. Is there a MS roadmap available that may address some of the below observations?

  1. The Microsoft Teams Classes LTI is landing in the navigation of all courses by default. This is a different experience to the click through and educator documentation that is available to us. Our preference is that it does NOT land in the navigation menu of all courses by default. What are the plans for this from MS side please? If it is to land in all by default, please share advise in this forum for root account admins to hide it by default.
  2. Class created for entire roster in course and not by sections or groups. This has been raised by many people in this forum and we have heard that MS is considering it, and that it will be covered in the MS roadmap, which was coming soon. Possible for you to share the roadmap that addresses sections and classes. In current state, I don't think we can recommend using this LTI for large courses at RMIT as it will be a poor teaching and learning experience.
  3. Assignments and grading option showing in a class team that is created by the integration by default. We were under the impression that this would be hidden by default so that Canvas would remain the primary platform for assignments and grading. This is not our experience. We do see Assignment in the class that is created in Teams by default. What is the plans for this on MS side please? If this is now the expected behaviour, please update your documentation, and also provide solutions for our MS Admins to hide this by default, if we do decide to do so.
  4. We mentioned that some of our users may change their primary email address in Canvas away from their MS tenant email address, and if they do so, then the integration will not recognise these users at sync. Is there any advise documented on how we could solution this?

Look foward to hearing from you. We really want to progress on this LTI but there are a number of challenges that we need to work through before recommending it as an integrated product.


@SamanthaFisher, unable to edit above comment but do have one more query for you around those Open Office hours advertised above. Are they still running? One of my colleagues tried it last week I believe but no other attendees / organisers / schedulers etc so they gave up.

There are few questions I have:

Where are the recordings hosted?

Recordings need to be viewed in a number of ways

  • Groups (only those groups)
  • 1 to 1  (only that individual and only if consent is given)
  • Course (formal weekly webinars)

How are those recordings accessed from the course

Unless of course the intention was not to use this tool within the formal teaching but more as an ad hoc addition to informal learning.

The other question is around roster synch. Student enrollments usually start with a large initial batch with a few smaller batches continually being added to the course until the enrolment window shuts. Does the course roster auto synch? as we do not know who is being added when it would be good for the course roster to synch with the teams roster.


Having read through some of the posts and spoken with our partners I get the feeling this has encountered some issues that need to be resolved, the biggest issue I know about is where recordings are hosted and how they are accessed.

Look forward to hearing back

can anyone confirm if by using the new OneDrive LTI students can submit more than one piece of work when they use the tab in the submission menu? 

Good morning!

@SamanthaFisher - We have been testing the Teams Class and Teams Meetings LTIs in our Canvas instance and have a few lingering questions. After reading through the comments on this thread, it appears that others have some of the same questions...

1. When does the enrollment auto-sync occur? Does this only happen if enrollments are added to a course via our automated SIS Import process? Or does it occur for all courses on a regular basis?

2. Can the Assignments and Grades tabs be disabled in the Teams classroom? We expect instructors to create assignments and post grades in Canvas.

3. We know that some of our instructors will not wish for students to create meetings; however, we can't find a way to disable this functionality. Is it possible for instructors to delete student-created meetings?

Thank you!

Melissa Roach

OneDrive LTI

We tested the OneDrive in test and didn't have this issue. Now, we just added it to production and can't figure out why we are getting this when trying to access groups in collaborations. Does anyone know? Thanks!



Canvas Support sent me here to post this when I inquired with them.  Please advise on the topic below.  Thank you.


Because I have students submit multiple drafts of scripts that they write (for foreign language performances), I prefer that they "share" office documents with me.  That way I can highlight items that they need to adjust, have them rework those parts, and  then re-share and leave the highlights.  That way I can re-read their documents very quickly and provide much more timely feedback to them (rather than re-reading the entire document and making all new annotations again.  I count these drafts as assignments, but I cannot have students submit to Canvas and use my efficient method for providing feedback because there is not an option to also share the document.  I can annotate via Speedgrader, but it is far more arduous than re-annotating the Office 365 document and slows down the feedback process for students who are waiting for those annotations to continue their work.  I would love to see the submit option be linked to sharing the document.  I understand that allow instructors to edit is dicey because the assignment is graded, but Office records who edits and when with a time stamp.  All I want to do is provide feedback.  Thank you.

Good morning,

We have followed the installation guide from Microsoft and installed the Ms Teams meetings app and the Ms Teams Classes app into our Canvas beta instance. The Ms Teams Classes app seems to be working and I am able to access Teams directly from within Canvas. However, with the Ms Teams meetings app, whenever we click on the Ms Teams meeting link from the Course navigation menu, we are getting the error message, "Couldn't Load your calendar. Let's give it another try" as shown in the screenshot below. Creating a meeting will work though and it will show up on Ms Team's calendar. However, it will need to be viewed directly on the Teams app. Has anyone experienced this before ? Any idea why this is not working ?

Ms Teams error.JPG

Thank You.


Has anyone figured out the new teams courses integration installing in the active state?  My faculty will revolt if this installs and creates a team for every one of their courses.  @SamanthaFisher 

We have not tried it yet (adding next week) but I have read the question in this feed without an answer.



@nwilson7 Yes, the Teams Classes and Teams Meetings LTIs install automatically in an active state.  Also, they are labeled as "Microsoft Teams classes" with lowercase "c" in classes and "Microsoft Teams meetings" with lowercase "m".  For us, those two items are things we change via the API.  I'm using the following in Postman to make the default navigation disabled and to fix the name to our liking.  You just need to find out your tool_id value and plug it in as appropriate for each tool.

{{host}}/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/external_tools/:tool_id?course_navigation[default]=disabled&name=Microsoft Teams Meetings


Have you seen or experienced this issue with the Teams Sync Integration? microsoft_sync error.png

The strange thing is that another course with the same instructor synced successfully, so I know that the issue cannot be with their Email Address information in Microsoft. 

@John_Lowe Thank you for the info!  I guess I am confused why we need a work around for this as the documentation linked in the initial post says it should NOT be active and that faculty need to move it themselves.

Use Microsoft Teams classes in your LMS

I feel like it needs to operate the way their documentation says it should and us not need to run APIs to fix it.

@nwilson7 Yes, that would be ideal.  Unfortunately, that's not been our experience with these MS tools.  Also, since they use Inherited Keys, you can't even change the JSON config yourself.  Ideally, Microsoft would let us do our own LTI 1.3 configuration so we can edit the JSON as needed rather than forcing us to use inherited keys.


When using the Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI to create a meeting, when we clicked the “Add Entire Class” link, we go this mystery user named “Microsoft Graph” (see below).  This isn’t a user that exists and if we go back into the meeting to edit it, it doesn’t show up.  But it is there when we create it and might confuse users.  We’re almost certain to get calls asking about it.  It doesn’t seem to hurt anything and may just be an artifact left over from development. Hopefully MS will see this and either fix it or offer an explanation.  Thanks!



One Drive iframe embed size I've noticed the default on this is 700px x 300 px  -not really an ideal size when embedding documents. I know this can be changed in the code, but ideally, we wouldn't want our teachers to do this

Is there any chance this might be changed to a more appropriate size?


I learned a lot and new things

@SamanthaFisher When instructors try to use the Teams meeting LTI for larger classes they get the following message: "We couldn't add the class. It has too many people to be added all at once" This is when they select the option to add the entire class to an invite they are creating. We have noticed it in sections 200+. Is this a know limitation and is there a specific number? Is there any work being done on this?

I have removed these apps since I can't find a way to hide them by default. Please let me know if there is an update. thank you!

متجر بلاي

@mnassar2 I spoke with @SamanthaFisher and this must be done via API.  

{{host}}/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/external_tools/:tool_id?course_navigation[default]=disabled&name=Microsoft Teams Meetings (or other Microsoft tool name)

I ran it this and it did it perfectly, took seconds.  I was running this to our root account so the account ID is "1" and this was external tool 2980 for us so the API looked like this:[default]=disa... Teams classes

Hope this helps!


Thanks @nwilson7 .   configuring the default as you described worked well as did adding it to specific courses using, /api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_tools.  The only thing missing is the option to disable the integrations tab on a subaccount or course basis to prevent people syncing courses that shouldn't be in Teams.

We have some custom roles created within Canvas. One of those roles helps create content for the course, but the role is not enrolled as either a Teacher or Student. This role should not have any student interaction or participate in activities. Currently, if Microsoft Teams classes is enabled on a course, any person assigned to any role will automatically be added as a "Member" to the Microsoft Team. Would it be possible to only synchronize specific roles, or even only those based off Canvas Teacher/Student roles? 

@nwilson7 Thank you 

متجر play

We just got the OneDrive LTI going. I was playing around with it a little, and I noticed that when I create a collaboration and try to open it, I get this refused to connect error message.


refused to connect.png


Has anyone else experienced this?

Secondly, is there a way to see where the links to these documents are in Canvas or can they expire after a course has been concluded?


I note the roadmap and FAQs above are from Summer 2021. Is anyone aware of plans for further development of these integrations? I have similar questions to others about the integration of sections and roles with MS Teams. 

I also wondered if anyone already using the MS Teams Meetings integration can tell me whether students who enrol onto a course after a meeting has been created will receive the calendar invite? I haven't been able to try this out for myself yet. 

This is the first time I am using the Microsoft Teams Meetings for my course. I created a Meeting with the LTI. Does any one know if I have to invite the entire class to the meeting for them to access via the Teams Meetings course navigation link, or can they access it from the course navigation without being invited? 

Just wanted to share in case someone else has this same issue. When trying to install the Teams Meeting LTI for testing, I got stuck on the client ID part. Canvas said the the client ID was disabled. I reached out to the Microsoft LTI integration team and they helped me figure this out. This may have been due to earlier testing, but I did see earlier in this thread someone else had a similar issue so wanted to share.

Here was the solution: 

Enable the app by going to Canvas Admin > Developer keys -> Inherited and turn ON the client ID 170000000000703, then you will be able to successfully install the Teams Meetings LTI app.

Will there be integration of Microsoft Forms into the Canvas gradebook with the future proposed updates? I think it could be very beneficial to have the ability to not only embed MS Forms directly into PowerPoint slides, but also then have those forms be integrated into Canvas gradebook as potential assignments. This could allow for in-lecture attendance, comprehension checks, as well as integrated escape rooms using power points, forms, and Canvas assignments.

Greetings @SamanthaFisher . My question is in regard to the UI displayed in Canvas for the Microsoft Teams meetings external app we have configured in our Canvas instance. We've enabled the Inherited Developer Key at the account level, and performed the Microsoft Sync at the course level. This displays Microsoft Teams meetings in the course navigation. We've accomplished all of this successfully in TEST and PROD. 

When a New meeting is scheduled, the UI displays the previous weekday in a tag above the actual meeting applet/tool. i.e.:

Wednesday, June 1
3:00 PM Thursday June 2nd 3 pm

Thursday, June 2 - Today
3:00 PM Friday June 3rd 3 pm

Tuesday, June 7
3:00 PM Wednesday June 8th 3 pm

We've reproduced this issue repeatedly in PROD and TEST, different machines, different browsers, different networks, on and off of a vpn, with the same results. We've checked Date and Time settings on the machines we're using, and any available settings we see in Teams itself, but have been unsuccessful in defeating this issue.

Any thoughts, or others who have experienced this? Many thanks in advance for your help.


@DanielMooreWe've run across the same issue with the dates shown. We opened a ticket to Microsoft and are currently being told Engineering is looking at the problem. We've haven't got an ETA on a fix from them.

@Kevin_Parker , many thanks for this feedback. I also sent an email to ... no response yet. Which portal or avenue did you use to open a ticket with MS? I might do the same.

Hi @SamanthaFisher ...

I agree with many who have posted here that it would be great to have an easier way to hide Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams classes by default in courses.  I have been working with one of our IT guys to try out the MS Teams integrations in our Canvas "test" environment.  However, the "test" tenant is apparently more limited in it's capabilities compared to the regular tenant we would use for our Canvas "production" environment.  So, although we have "meetings" and "classes" installed in our Canvas "test" environment, we can't do as much testing as we'd like, and so installing in our "production" environment seems to be the better option.  However, as others have already stated, installing these adds both items immediately (and visible) to every course.  These should be hidden by default, and I wish it didn't have to take using work-arounds using API and PUT calls in postman or curl (I don't have experience with any of this...and not even sure if I'm referring to that correctly).  Something in the initial setup such as a check-box or a setting in the UI would be much better.

You also mentioned in this reply, Canvas + Microsoft Upcoming LTI Integrations, that there was a way to do this in a batch process?  I haven't seen any replies from @rlufkin or @Katrina-Hess, but that would be interesting to learn more about this...and how to do it.


Our institution is in the process of transitioning to Canvas from Moodle. We already have O365 integrated with Moodle as well as Teams. My main question is can our O365 and Teams be integrated with more than one LMS while we are in the transitional period between the two LMSs? Or does it have to be completely turned off/disabled in our existing Moodle instance before it can be implemented in our Canvas instance?

All manner of problems with our integration that were not there with Office 365:

Cannot update a document embedded or linked - any changes you make in your own OneDrive are not reflected in the linked document???

Students not able to download a copy of the embedded/linked file - Cannot ask staff to make two documents

Does anyone have a Microsoft Support email address that I can contact to get further help?


Many thanks


Hi @GideonWilliams 

Once instructors have picked their Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document from their OneDrive, the file will be copied to the course’s SharePoint site. The embedded document (or added module item) will reference the SharePoint site.  Any changes should be made to the copied document in the SharePoint site.  Click the Edit Document button in the upper right corner of the embedded document in your Canvas page, and it will open the document in the SharePoint course site. 
Microsoft provides LMS integration office hours, although I have not recently attended.
Have questions about the integrations or the deployment process? Join our weekly LTI Open Office Hours with our LMS Integrations team, including representatives from our customer success deployment team and our product teams. To attend, join during the following times:
  • Every Thursday 11 am ET


Thanks for the comment Joe and appreciate the time taken to reply.

Whilst that does 'alleviate' the requirements for uploading and downloading, we still have the issue of multiple files being created.

I can see some benefits clearly in a Sharepoint site linked to the course especially when a colleague leaves and the files no longer are accessible. 

It now requires further training for staff to realise this and something that they had not needed to do with the previous integration.

We are having trouble getting Microsoft Teams Classes to work inside of Canvas. I booked an LTI Integration Deployment Help Time Appt and no one ever showed. I had my Team all ready and no one came. The appt. was for January 3rd at 12:30 PM. We just sat in the waiting room. Please advise on how we can get deployment assistance. 

@AliciaSwackhame I have never tried their office hours before but I did email and they got back to me fairly quickly and set up a time to help us get Teams classes connected.  This was this past July so fairly recently. 

I feel like they may outsource their support for the LMS integration as the people that responded appeared to have other companies attached to them (still had Microsoft email addresses but next to their name it said "(Ascendion Inc)").

Hope this helps!


@nwilson7  Thank you so much for sharing that email address! I will try that route!


I'll refer back to this post in the question forum by @bert_vandenbroe  which does a nice job of articulating the issue with the way this new LTI works, and it never received an answer. 

I don't want to create a new O365 group in our Tenant for every course, I want users to be able to link from their own OneDrive and know that the file that lives in their own OneDrive is the file that is linked in their course, so if they update it in OneDrive the changes will reflect in the course.  

We have delayed changing over to the new version for this reason.

Thanks for explaining and sharing.

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