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Adjusting total marks AFTER test complete or assignment completed from x/20 to x/10

Students completed an  assignment and total marks were set up to be out of 20. However, an error on my part, I need to adjust the scores to be out of  10. Without going into each students grades and changing it,  is there an easier way. Fudge marks feature is not suitable

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This is possible in new quizzes.   I listed the steps here:

In old quizzes, first hide grades using the three dot menu on the quiz in the grades tab.  Then open the quiz and change the point value of each question to what you intended it to be. This will fix it for students who have not yet taken the quiz, but students who are complete will have their old score graded out of the new total.  For those students go to the speed grader and enter the correct points earned for each question and then click update after the last question.  Unfortunately, you will still be looking at the points possible from the original quiz, but don't worry the total will still be as shown in your edited quiz in grades.  After all affected students are regraded, return to grades and click post where you hid the scores previously.

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