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Surveyor II

Auditing student

I have a question similar to the one Mark posted a couple of years ago re: how to set up an auditing student role. Currently auditing students can view the course content but are not able to participate in any graded activities. I could use the Observer role as the basis for creating the auditing role - except that the student then appears as "Observing: No one" on the class roster. Is there another way to create this custom role without this confusing identifier being applied to the students?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @akenady ...

I've not really tried this out, but couldn't you create a new role based on the "Student" role type and then just change the permissions for that to match that of the "Observer" role (or whatever other permissions you wanted)?  So, you would create an "Auditing Student" role, select the Base Type of "Student", and then set the permissions accordingly.  Would that work for your needs?  Check out How do I add a course-level role in the Permissions page?‌ and How do I set permissions for a course-level role in an account?

Thank you for your idea, Chris. I've already tried this and there is no way to prevent users with student-derived roles from accessing graded least that I can see.

If we have to use the Observer role as our template, is there a way to change the role name in the participant list (from "Observing:Nobody" to "Auditing")?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @akenady  

 @chofer ‌ asked for some help on your question. I just created an Auditor role based on the Observer role. When I tested this role, the auditor could view everything in the course, but not participate in any graded activities. This role was not listed in the People roster as observing anyone nor not observing anyone.

The Permissions looked like this................


The Conversations permissions could also be restricted without compromising this role.

I hope this is helpful,