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Can a multiple dropdown quiz question be regraded?

I have a multiple dropdown quiz answer which needs to be changed, but there doesn't seem to be a way to regrade multiple dropdown questions, only multiple choice questions. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

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Yes, I have the same question. Can I regrade a multiple drop-down question if I find the key had an error?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there and

I have been reviewing older questions here in the Canvas Community, and I stumbled upon this question.  I'm not sure that I have an answer for either of you, but I did want to check in to see whether either of you have been able to find out an answer to your question?  If so, would you be willing to share your feedback with the rest of the Community?  Or, if you are still wondering if multiple drop-down questions can be re-graded, please let us know that as well.  Ultimately, you might need to consult with the Canvas Help Desk staff (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌) to see if they could provide an exact answer for you.  For the time being, I am going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered"...not because we've necessarily found an answer...but more because there hasn't been any new activity in this topic for almost five months.  However, that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions and/or comments below that are related to this topic.  I hope that's alright with you.  Looking forward to hearing back from you both!

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I apologize to Alicia for not responding, I missed the notification!

It turns out you can not regrade a multiple drop-down question. There are only a few specific questions which can be regraded: multiple choice, true/false, and multiple answers. I ended up manually adding points to the questions on the students' quizzes. It would REALLY be nice if Canvas could add this feature!

Thank you, Michael. I agree: it would be REALLY nice if Canvas would adjust features so that Multiple drop-down quizzes could be regraded.


I would like to add to this that it would be REALLY REALLY great if Canvas could make sure that this can be regraded!! such a bummer when you look over a wrongly keyed answer - just no way to correct it.... :((