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Can't edit imported course material

I imported my coursework over from a previous semester and there are a couple of random assignments that Canvas won't let me edit AT ALL. I can't unpublish it. I can't change the due date. I can't delete it. I keep getting this message, " Some settings have been disabled because the assignment is in a closed grading period." which is totally strange since the rest of my assignments and quizzes imported with no problem.

Any way to get around this? Either so I can change dates to reuse, or at least delete and start again without a duplicate?

The only solution I've seen is that this is an admin block that teachers don't have access to.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @llenter .  I saw that you posted this question a couple of days ago.  In that time did you figure out what was causing this problem?  I know that when I import content in from other courses, sometimes for assignments created with an external tool I can't edit the assignment but have never had trouble deleting it.  If you are still experiencing the issue I would suggest contacting Canvas Support to see if they have insight into what may be happening.  When you find a solution please let me know in case something similar arises at my institution!

All the best---

Community Coach
Community Coach


Is it possible that the items you can't can't edit have due dates that are older than the ones you can edit?  I'm not an expert on Grading Periods, but my understanding is that they are set at the Admin level, and individual assignments fall into grading period based on their due dates.  Then depending on a few more admin settings, those assignments from previous grading periods become Concluded and go into essentially a read-only mode.  This sounds a lot like you are describing if the assignments you can't edit are in a past grading period.

I suggest seeking out your local Canvas admins to have them take a look.  They may need to temporarily move your course into a different Term without grading periods for you to edit your due dates, and then move the course back into the correct term.  


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @llenter .  We haven't heard from you in a while so I thought I would check back and see if either of the earlier responses was helpful or if you found another solution to the issue mentioned in your original post. I am going to go ahead and mark this as "assumed answered" for now, but this can be changed if needed and marking the question as assumed answered doesn't prevent continued discussion in the thread.


All the best!

Surveyor II

I have had this problem when I import a question bank and quiz from a prior semester (that I also created). 

I cannot edit the question bank.  This has happened several times.

I found that If I go back and re-import just the question bank again, it seems to be editable.


edit -- no - the question bank is editable once imported, but the quiz is linked back to the prior closed course.

You have to delete the bank from your quiz, and re-add it.

The problem is that the questions in your imported quiz don't link to your local question bank, they link back to the old question bank in the closed course.

Look at the url address for the question bank in your course, then look at the link to it in your quiz.  If they are the same, good.  If they are different, then you are linking to a bank outside of your current course which is likely not editable.

It's a real pain that you can't re-link a group in a quiz to a different bank, that would make things much easier to fix.