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Customised Reporting URGENT AND IMPORTANT

Could you please advise if the following reports can be generated easily by default or will it need to be coded in or set up by Canvas team? We are looking for ideally a one-click solution (if not then a simple solution) where we don't need to manually check each and every student & assessment to find the results of the following reports nor do we want to keep on filtering by columns and extract reports in parts from Canvas/Axcelerate.
Important Reports:
  1. Assessment Completion report e.g. if a student completed 9 of 10 assessments, there should be a report that can be generated showing which students completed how many and which assessments in a unit and the certification. Which assessments are pending?
  2. Unit/Certification completion report showing which students fully completed the whole unit and/or the whole certification.
  3. Overall Competency report showing students who were competent in their courses.
  4. A real-time report showing which students started which course/assessment, which students did not yet start the unit/assessment e.g. if a student starts a quiz, the report should say this student's status is continuing activity.


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Hi R K,

What you are seeking is not available right out of the box with Canvas. While some of this data could be complied using some of the built in #admin reports‌ in Canvas or by utilizing #canvas data‌, there is no one click button that will give you everything you want in the exact way you're looking for it without some type of customize reports being done on your side or by the Canvas team.