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Disable Eyeball Slash

How do I make everything I set up in Canvas to publish visible to my students? How do I kill the eyeball w the slash?#disablevisablityeyeball

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Is any body out there??please help...

Hi  @kworld  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

The following guides will show you haw to "Publish" your content in a Canvas classroom, which makes that content available to your students. Once you do this for one content type, you will have it down for all content types.........

I hope this is helpful,


Hi Kris World and welcome indeed!

In case you are referring to the "eyeball w the slash" as seen in Course Navigation, you can control which links are visible to students. 

course navigation with hidden items

In general though, if you're not using a feature, remove it from the Course Navigation list so that students do not get distracted.

Hope the guide helps,
Cheers - Shar


how do I take the eye off so kids can see everything

Hi,  @callawd  Welcome to the Canvas Community! The instructions are in the thread How do I manage Course Navigation links? . If students still aren't able to see the content in those links, the instructions in this comment should help you get that sorted.