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How to show Mac Keynote presentations?

Anyone found a way of showing keynote presentations on canvas?  I thought I might have a solution using Keynote's export to HTML function, but I guess one then needs somewhere (else) to host the webpages created by that.  But I thought I'd ask if anyone has tried this before figuring out where and how to host them.

I've attached a zip'd folder of the output of the HTML export from a sample Keynote presentation.

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Hi Jeremy,

I thought that it might be possible to host the HTML files right inside of your course Canvas files by simply uploading and unzipping your export folder but it doesn't work very well. So, it looks like you would need to host these on a web server. I was able to get this to work by placing the unzipped folder in my public Dropbox folder. However the player was a little buggy.

Because of this, I'd suggest you export it to a PowerPoint (pptx/ppt) or even a pdf file. Then you can upload these to Canvas and link to them anywhere in your course using the Rich Text Editor. What's nice about this is that the automatic document viewer/preview feature will render these in Canvas and your students can also use the link to download them.

Another option would be to use a service like Slideshare​ to upload them then you could embed them into Canvas.

The good news is that it is doable, just pick an option and see how it works for your students. Smiley Happy

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Thanks Chris,

Yes, I had hoped something like the first method would work but as you say, it doesn't. The conversion to ppt or pdf is possible as a workaround, but it doesn't preserve all the features of keynote. I'm also having trouble with movies embedded in the presentation - even on conversion to  HTML. And I guess a keynote plugin from Apple is extremely unlikely...

Anyway, for now I am doing as you say, with pdfs of my presentations embedded in  canvas pages and movies embedded separately. Incidentally,  if anyone else is wanting to adopt this strategy, it is import to select the option "print each stage of builds" when exporting to pdf from keynote. The trick to embedding pdfs is show in this post.


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 @j_seligman ​, I would suggest uploading it to Google Slides (which, admittedly, lacks in certain areas) and embed from there or upload it is a PPT to Office 365 and use the embed code there. Neither is the perfect solution, but viable as work-arounds for an already-created presentation.

Given how many directions Apple is being pulled in right now, I wouldn't hold your breath for a Keynote embed code, though that would be awesome.

Community Team
Community Team

 @j_seligman , it looks like you've already received some good suggestions! Since no one answer is likely to stand out as uniquely "correct," I've changed the format of your post to a discussion; it will remain visible in search results and open for additional commentary.

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I know this is an old thread, but as of this week, you actually can embed a Keynote slideshow into Canvas. I just did so on Wednesday! 

Here's a site that will help. (Disclosure, I made it.): Keynote Embed Code Generator