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If a teacher can no longer switch back to the old gradebook, does this affect courses taught in prior terms, which are still accessible on Canvas?

What are the consequences of not being able to access the old gradebook, for older courses which remain on Canvas?# switching back to old gradebook

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Hello Jeanette,

If the instructor cannot switch back to the old gradebook because they switched an individual course over to the new gradebook and then made use of some of the new gradebook features in that course, then that will have no impact on the other courses at all.  They will still be using the old gradebook.

However, if your school has completely switched Canvas over to the new gradebook (as ours has), then both old and current courses will be using the new gradebook.

As for what the "consequences" are, can you be more specific about what you want to know?  The new gradebook has some features that the old gradebook did not have, and vice versa.


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Here's the bottom line as I see it - Yes, if your school switches to the New Gradebook, all your past course will have the New Gradebook enabled - but it won't matter, because none of the new features of the New Gradebook will have been activated. Besides being the Canvas Admin for a school that has not turned on the New Gradebook, I am also a teacher for a school that turned it on two terms ago. I was halfway through the first term before I realized that the New Gradebook had been turned on. As far as I can tell, none of the new features are a default, and actually have to be actively turned on or used by the teacher - like the Grade Posting policies.

Really, you won't notice a thing.


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THANK YOU so much--that clarifies it for me!