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Instructor Receives Notifications for Student Peer Review Annotations

Hi Community,

I hope you can answer a question to an experience one of my instructors has had.

The instructor has a Peer Review assignment set up where students will leave annotation feedback to one another on their assignment submissions. The instructor recently started getting email notifications for the annotations (not assignment comments) and does not want this since they are annotations (see images below). In addition, there are repetitive ones from the same set of students, so it is triggering with every annotation comment it appears. 

The question is: Is there a way to turn this off without turning off notifications for assignment comments? 

The instructor wants to still receive notifications on assignment comments in case students add something in there, but not for each time annotations are left. Has anyone experienced this and/or knows a workaround for this?

A PDF I found by Canvas only states notifications by an instructor, so it is confusing the true functionality of the "Submission Comment" notification (document: Canvas Notifications).

Thank you!




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