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Locked Modules Still Accessible

I have set up modules to unlock at given dates/times.  When I go into student view, I see that modules 2-8 and 10-15 are working perfectly, but Module 1 and Module 9 allow students to access the content within the module.  The settings for Mods 1 & 9 are set exactly as those that are working properly.  Any ideas what is going wrong?

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unfortunately not.  I think the best thing to do is contact Canvas Support.  They'll be able to look directly at the course and determine what's going wrong.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Agreed, contact Canvas Support. Best way to do this is to go to where you are having the problem (modules) and then click on the Help link (bottom left) and Report a Problem.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @emily_morgan ! It's been a while since we last heard from you. Was Canvas Support able to resolve this mystery? For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding. Please take a moment to update the thread and let the Community know the resolution. Thanks!

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I realize this is an old thread, but I wasn't sure whether I should open a new one. I just tried Canvas support and got a "single sign-in" error, even though I'm logged in here, with my institution log-in.

I don't have any files - I have pages, discussions, quizzes and assignments. When I log into the student app, even though content has date restrictions and are part of modules that have date restrictions, students can see some of the content they should not be able to see outside of those date restrictions. This is a big problem.

Hello,  @agnirm  (and here's wishing you a slightly belated)  Welcome to the Canvas Community! When you say you're "logged in here," please know that you're logged into the Canvas Community—but to access Canvas Support, you need to be logged into your Canvas account (or course). Through the browser, you would access Canvas Support by clicking on the Help link at the lower left of the global navigation (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌). If you wish to access help through the Canvas Teacher app, follow the instructions in How do I get help with the Teacher app on my iOS device? )

I wonder if your instructor permissions are leaking through, so to speak, when you access the Canvas Student app on your device. That's just a theory, though, so your best bet is to contact Canvas Support to have them verify what's going on.