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No content showing in assignment tab

I have students who have entered their assignment in Canvas and I can see the assignments.  However when I access their personal accounts and look at the assignment box, click on the assignment the next box, Working Learning Agreement reflects no content.  What do I do?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @slamere ‌

Could you explain a bit..............

  • When you say, "I have students who have entered their assignment " do you mean they have submitted them?
  • When you say, "I can see the assignments", do you mean you can see the Canvas Assignments, or that you can see the students' submission for the assignments?
  • I do not understand at all what you mean when you say, "when I access their personal accounts and look at the assignment box".

I don't mean to attack your use of jargon; but rather to better understand your question.

If you create an assignment in Canvas and your students have made submissions to that assignment, Canvas notifies you via the To Do list on the right side of your course home page. You will see something like this.........


When you click on any of those To Do list entries, Canvas takes you into SpeedGrader for that assignment, where you can view, comment on and grade your students' submissions.  The image below shows what happens when I click on the fourth item in my To Do list example above..........


Note the student submission in the large main panel.

You can also access SpeedGrader to view and grade submissions from the Gradebook.

You can learn more at:

I hope this helps, but if I have missed the mark please let me know.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @slamere ...

As I was looking through older questions here in the Canvas Community, I came across your question and wanted to check in with you.  We haven't heard from you since you first posted this question on October 6, 2017 and received a reply later that day from   @kmeeusen .  Have you had an opportunity to review Kelley's response?  It looks like he has some questions for you that need clarification.  If you could please come back to this thread to provide some answers, that would be great.  Because it's been four months since you first posted this question and we've not heard back from you here in the Community, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered".  This won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions and/or comments related to this topic, however.  I hope that's alright with you, Sherry.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!