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Organize individual pages into folders

I have hundreds of pages in my Canvas site.  Is there any way to group them into folders?  I hate having to scroll through them all to find the one I need.

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Community Coach
Community Coach, greetings! No, there isn't currently a way to organize pages by folders. There is however a highly voted on feature idea for this -" modifiedtitle="true" title="Allow.... My recommendation is to vote, comment, and follow it so you'll be alerted to any and all new updates related to this idea.


Learner II

Hi Beth,

You could use the modules area to organize pages if alphabetical sorting doesn't meet your needs. Just don't publish those particular modules so that students can't see them. Then, you can drag items out of those modules when you need them.


Thanks for the suggestion.  I do use modules and keep them hidden.  It is the process of creating the modules from a list of 200 pages that is cumbersome.

Surveyor II

Workaround: name all similar pages with a standard first word so they end up grouped together: resources, readings, whatever. (Warning: renaming existing pages break links.)

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