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Show Course for Sent Conversations

Before submitting this for a feature upgrade, I thought I'd see if there is even interest. When looking through my sent conversations, one thing I thought would be helpful is to be able to see what course the mail was associated with from the list instead of having to open each one. 

Canvas Sent Mail Conversations List View

For now I can be sure to add the course name or section into the email subject, but that could get pretty long for some courses.

Helpful for anyone else to have that show in the list view?

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Community Member

Hi  @tom_gibson ‌ - Can that not be done by also using the drop-down menu to its immediate left, the one that is preset to All Courses?  You can select a course using that first drop-down menu and then isolate it to SENT items that way.  Or am I completely misunderstanding what you wanted to do??

Thanks, Ken.

Yep. That totally works when I want to see just one course. But I was thinking more of a glance at all mail and be able to see what courses they were from. It's not a huge thing, just a convenience thing. I was also looking in the Canvas Teacher mobile app and it would be super convenient there, too.

I'll keep using the courses filter for now. 

Community Member

Ah, okay!  I see what you mean!  Thanks for the clarification, Tom.