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Storyline 360 Content Not loading Properly

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I am uploading Storyline 360 files to Canvas. Most upload fine (I publish for WEB, HTML5, and zip the file. I create a folder in the FILES section of Canvas and upload, expanding the zip file. I then link the story.html file to a Canvas module), but the latest one uploaded and then shows like this. The font is off, the screen is dark, it's not working. Any ideas? Is it using Flash? 



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@Mayy and @VictoriaN ...

We are waiting to hear back from our CSM at Instructure because we had heard (maybe here in the Community) that SCORM needed to be enabled in our account in order to get Articulate Storyline content to work.  We've not heard back yet, but we will be trying this in our Canvas environment.  It also sounds like the SCORM Cloud LTI is different that the SCORM component we are waiting to be enabled.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks a lot for the update, Chofer.

Surveyor II

I opened a ticket too, but without any response until now.

Surveyor II

I am having the same issue. I uploaded some Storyline content last month and it worked fine, and is still working fine. I uploaded some Storyline content last week, same build of Storyline, and now the content area of my project appears as all gray.

Surveyor II

We're experiencing the same issue; with some storyline files but not all.

I'm going to submit the problem again to see if we can get an answer. If someone has a paid account, please submit it, too. I have encountered this only in my free account. I have not found this yet with my work account, so can't submit from there. 

Surveyor II

My request for help from my free account was rejected again. And now the project I totally re-created is also failing. It won't load at all.

I have resorted to publishing on Google Cloud platform and embedding a link from there in the module. 

Hello @VictoriaN ...

Curious...where exactly are you publishing on Google Cloud?  Are you uploading all of the Articulate Storyline files to a folder within your Google Drive account?  Could you possibly describe your process?  Thanks!

Surveyor II

I upload the whole folder to a bucket in my cloud platform account. Here is a link to the tutorial I followed to do it. I'm not an IT person and can't program, so I rely on this kind of help. 

updated 10/14/19* In this video, I demonstrate how to upload entire folders that contain published Storyline and Captivate projects to Google Cloud Storage....

After a lot of tries I put the storyline line in an AWS Cloud and worked fine. It seems that is a CORS problem when using the Canvas as a web browser.