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clarify quiz statistics > question breakdown behavior


I wanted to clarify the expected behavior of the quiz statistics > question breakdown reporting, specifically for quizzes where multiple attempts are permitted. 

I looked at quiz question item in the question breakdown. It said 100% completed the question correctly. When I reviewed the student analysis, I could see the one student submitted an incorrect answer multiple times, until finally submitting the correct answer. 

Is the expected behavior that the percent complete will show the percent correct for the most recent attempts? And when there are multiple attempts permitted for a quiz it will ignore previously incorrect attempts once the correct answer is reached?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @tiffany_morgan , sorry your question has gone unanswered for so long! Did you ever figure out the answer? My guess is that yes, this is intended behavior, but to be safe you might want to contact Canvas Support (if you haven’t already) or your CSM to see if they can confirm this. 

Thanks Kona, I think just your second opinion is enough Smiley Happy it seems reasonable that it would work this way

Thanks again!