Can synced assignments show up in IC before any grades are entered in Canvas?

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Question from one of our teachers. Our Canvas syncs to Infinite Campus:

"I assign work in Canvas, and make sure the "sync to" box is checked. The due date comes, and I haven't had a chance to grade them yet. But, I can't get the assignment to sync into IC - UNTIL I have one graded. Is there a way to make sure that it shows up in IC so the "missing" flag shows -  even if I don't have a single assignment graded yet? It shows up as missing in Canvas, but then guided study teachers don't see an accurate representation of missing work."

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@natyjay Unfortunately, assignments are only able to be synced to SIS when there is at least one graded submission.  Additionally, if the Missing flag is to be synced, a grade has to be included for the missing submission.  If no grade is entered in Canvas, but default, the grade will be reported to SIS as a zero during a grade sync.  If you want to grades to automatically sync as missing to SIS once the due date has pasted (even if you haven't graded any submissions yet), you may want to consider enabling and Automatic Missing Policy in your gradebook.  This would automatically assign missing submissions a grade in Canvas that you have set in the policy when the due date is reached.  This would also cause the missing submissions to have a score in Canvas--which would in turn allow the assignment and missing flags to sync to SIS at that time.

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