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PowerTeacher Pro and Grade Pass Back

I trained teachers this week in PowerTeacher Pro but had to inform the teachers that it doesn't work for Canvas grade pass back. MAJOR BUMMER! They were very disappointed. Is there a way for me to tell Instructure how VITALLY IMPORTANT this feature is to our staff? It's not a deal-breaker, but darn close. The grade pass back feature is one of the major reasons we went with Canvas. Any news about when this will become available would be appreciated. Please express our disappointment to the folks who are working on this. It can't come soon enough.

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The new gradebook is pretty awesome, but it is frustrating that passback doesn't work with it.

The passback feature was only recently developed and has finally become pretty dependable - imagine how frustrated the developers must be now that they have to redesign the whole mess for a new gradebook. Smiley Happy

I was told that Canvas is working on better Standards / Outcomes support which would tie into the new PS passback system. 


Hi Molly!

We are currently developing an integration with the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook. As Cole mentioned, it is a whole new set of API calls and called for an entirely new integration. Our developers are working as quickly as they can! We will post more news as soon as our integration is available. 


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Just to reiterate Molly's point... VITALLY IMPORTANT.  This will be a disaster across our district if grade passback is not ready before the start of next school year. 

Thanks for your input Jennifer!! We are definitely working as quickly as we can to make this happen. Stay tuned Smiley Happy 

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Hailee where is the best place to see breaking info on the Power Teacher Pro GPB integration? I need to be clear on the possible timeline for roll out as this will, as someone previously stated, "Be a major BUMMER" and will not help me to sell my Elementary teachers on integration/implementation for next year...thanks.

Hi Greg, 

We will post information in the Grade Pass Back space. We will also keep the release notes updated. You can also reach out to your CSM for more information regarding timelines. 


Hailee, Just chiming in on the vital importance for our district as well. Thanks for keeping us informed as any new information becomes available.

Hi Karen! We just sent out a PowerSchool Survey last week. Please reach out to your CSM if you have not received that! We will be posting more news here in the future, but your CSM should have next steps for you soon. 

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Any updates on the syncing to PowerTeacher Pro? Started the new school year and desperately need this feature turned back on.