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Hi, do you know if any work been done on integration with Canvas, SITS? Specifically marks pass through to SITS then presenting in eVision?



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We have an integration with SITS which creates our courses, but we don't yet have a link for the grades, although it is something frequently requested. I know at one point Tribal were going to work on a project with Canvas but I believe this was put on hold.   I think  @jago_brown ‌ has done some work on this

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We also integrate Canvas with SITS to create and populate Canvas spaces.  Marks passing is something that we are very interested in, though because of competing priorities we have not pursued it yet. 

I would love to hear from anyone who has achieved this. 

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a few uk unis are keen to share thoughts on this so we are trying to set up a call. Discussion and Doodle poll in the slack channel #sub_integrations 

Hi, we are new to Canvas, I am the PM at York. How do we join the slack channel please?

Hi  @adam_watson ‌ - I've added you to the slack channel so hopefully you should get an invite! You will automatically be added to a few of the channels, but there may be more that are of interest which you can add yourself to. Do feel free to message me and we can set up a call - happy to tell you more about the group! We also have a space in the Canvas Community UK HE Group 

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