Schoology LTI Integration for LMS Administrator

Access the LTI application configuration 

The LMS Administrator/Instructor will do a one time setup for Portfolium LTI application at the course level.

1. Logged in as the LMS Admin/Instructor, click on the “Course Options” menu, from the left navigation.

2. Find the “External Tool Providers” sub-menu and click on the link.

3. On the External Tools section, click on the “Add External Tool Provider” button.

4. The “Add External Tool Provider” form loads. Fill in the following data:

TOOL NAME: Portfolium

CONSUMER KEY: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]

SHARED KEY: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]

PRIVACY: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool




5. Click on the “Submit” button and the app is now installed.