April 2023 Updates to the Instructure Roadmap

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March was a busy month as our product and engineering teams were busy planning for the remainder of 2023—and we are now ready to share! You can view our just-updated Community Roadmap. Each new feature, solution, or enhancement we consider is intended to improve your everyday experience with the Instructure Learning Platform and provide you and your students with maximum value. 

As part of the planning process, we have made some adjustments to our roadmap, which are listed below. Click through to the articles for a deeper dive into what has been adjusted and why. 


In April, we have three changes to the roadmap outcomes:

  • Canvas Catalog: The release of refined Catalog reporting filters and engagement data has been postponed from Q1’23 to Q2.  
  • Mastery Connect: Item Authoring Pop Over has been removed from the roadmap. 
  • Impact: The inclusion of mobile app data has been moved from Q1’ 23 to early in Q2. 

We have also accelerated the following roadmap outcome:

  • Mastery Connect: The development to provide educators the ability to convert existing Canvas Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes to Mastery-deliverable assessments has been accelerated.


Be sure to check back to the Product Blog often for all the product news from Instructure.