Create contexts in Impact using custom CSS selectors

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In the past year, we have introduced the Themes and Ideas area to the Instructure Community. Themes and Ideas is a way for community members to identify trends, determine priority, and collaborate on high value solutions. This is a replacement of the previous process known as Idea Conversations. 

Every quarter, our engineers participate in Hackweek where they are encouraged to work on projects outside of our ongoing roadmap. The purpose of Hackweek is to pursue continued innovation and empower R&D employees to learn, grow, collaborate, and share with each other, frequently improving our products in the process. Sometimes our engineers take inspiration from customer requests and more recently, from the Themes and Ideas list. This quarter, one of our engineers chose one of your ideas and successfully worked on and developed it. This idea focused on CSS selectors when creating custom contexts.

This feature is being released today, August 17, and empowers CSS-adept Impact admins to create rich, targeted resources for their faculty, staff, and students. To learn more about creating contexts within Impact and the new enhancement, please read our Impact guide.  For additional resources about CSS and building CSS Selectors you can check out the resources below:

We encourage all customers to continue to submit their ideas through the Community, so that we can organize them into themes before the voting period commences in October. Once the 30-day Open for Voting period starts, you will be able to vote for the themes that you think should be prioritized. We will take the result of this voting into consideration for our planning. We want you to play an active role in Impact’s product development!