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EesySoft Welcomed Into Instructure Family

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Exciting things are happening in the Instructure world! As you have likely seen, today we announced the acquisition of EesySoft, an edtech adoption platform focused on driving engagement with and usage of edtech tools. EesySoft has been our partner for the last four years and shares a similar mission with Instructure: elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and drive digital transformation in education. 

In light of this exciting news, we have rebranded EesySoft to be named Impact by Instructure to increase awareness about what the product does best: streamline edtech adoption and intensify the impact of digital learning tools.  

Read more about the acquisition.

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Community Member

Good job. Right direction. 

Community Contributor

Great news! I was always very envious of institutions with the Eesysoft integration as it is an epic tool, esp useful when new features and major upgrades are released. Looking forward to seeing how this will be rolled out to existing Canvas customers. 😁

Community Member

Thank you for welcoming me and for a great job!

Community Member

Thank you for the warm welcome

Community Participant

Does this mean it will be available by default in Canvas soon?

Community Member

@mloble Will this be included on all licenses, or as an add-on?  When will docs be available so we can start working with it?