Further Personalize Communication via Impact with the *New* Personalized Link Feature!



Today, we released a new feature inside of Impact that you all have been requesting… the ability to push out personalized links for surveys, etc. to your users via Impact messages! This new feature was released now to meet the seasonal needs of common annual surveys, such as the NSSE Survey, but can be used for many different things at all grade levels! Some ideas include: 

  • Surveys: push out surveys specific to the user in bulk. This ensures that submissions are tracked via the survey tool to maintain privacy and potential anonymity.
  • Grade Reports and/or Feedback: provide instructors (and/or students) with direct access to their user-specific feedback files or user-specific grade/performance report for specific assignments or exams. 
  • Personalized Resources: share personalized links to resources such as articles, videos, or supplementary materials tailored to individual instructors’ and/or students' needs or interests. This allows for a more personalized learning experience.
  • Scheduling: provide variable sign-up or calendar links for your users to make appointments with specific staff, instructors, academic advisors/coaches, etc. 
  • Course Materials: share personalized links to access course materials, textbooks, or lecture notes. 
  • Online Discussions and/or Meetings: direct students to specific discussion threads/forums and/or online meetings. 
  • Progress Tracking: provide personalized links for users to track their progress, especially for things that may not be inside of Canvas.
  • Personalized Training/Micro-learning: Scaffold the training and professional development that you provide for your users by utilizing personalized links.

Read the accompanying guide and watch the video below to learn how to get started using this new feature:

Please note that the functionality above is currently only able to be accessed from the Impact Dashboard. We will look to extend this functionality to the Inline Editor if needed based on feedback by you all. Let us know below what you think and how you plan to use this new feature and if you have other feature ideas/requests, make sure to post them in the Ideas and Themes section of the Community! The next round of Ideas and Themes prioritization and voting will be here before you know it!