Impact LTI Tools Update and FAQs

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The Impact LTI Tools feature was initially launched at the end of May 2022 as a Beta feature. Since then, the Impact Product Team has been seeking ways to make this area more accurate and more meaningful. As such, we would like to share what to expect in the near future, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

LTI Tools’ Current State

The LTI Tools feature is intended to allow Impact Admins visibility into what LTI tools are being utilized from the LMS and map LTI tool launches to the correct tool in order to improve accuracy of the LTI Tool data. Currently, the LTI Tools usage data will only cover launch points. The data is listed in a table format with the following possible column headers/fields:

  • Associated LTI Tool: Dropdown menu where Impact Admin can associate a launched tool with an LTI if it has no association yet (whether a Default LTI, Custom LTI, or Create new LTI)
  • Description: The description of the LTI Tool as/if written in Canvas when installed.
  • First launched date: When the LTI tool was first launched from the specified launch point.
  • ID: A sequential number assigned by Canvas and associated with the specific LTI (known as the external_tool_id in Canvas)
  • Last Launched by: the name of the user who launched the tool last.
  • Last launched date: When the LTI tool was last launched from the specified launch point.
  • Launch type: Currently showing one of three options as shown in Canvas: Embedded tool, Embedded content, Link click.
  • Name: The name of the LTI tool is being picked up from the title of the developer key used to install the LTI tool.
  • Total launches: The number of times that the specific LTI Tool has been launched from the specified launch point.
  • URL: The website URL of the specific LTI launch point as provided from Canvas.

These fields are able to be toggled on or off to view as desired. Additionally, a search function is provided to look up a specific tool’s information. 


The Future of LTI Tools

The LTI Tools feature is currently in Beta due to the issues listed below: 

  • Some fields are showing as blank or are confusing/unclear
  • LTI Tools Table Column Headers are unclear 
  • Inability to have more granular visibility into where launches/activity are happening

We are actively working on addressing these issues. Once the above are completed, the feature will no longer have a beta status. These improvements are expected to be completed in the second half of 2023. 

Please consider sharing your feedback with the Impact CSM Team and/or providing feature requests in the Impact Ideas and Themes section of the Instructure Community.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the LTI name being pulled from? 

The name of the LTI tool is being picked up from the title of the developer key used to install the LTI tool.


How do you create context-sensitive messages and content for LTI Tools?

Use the inline editor to create contexts based on the (currently) active LTI tools. Be aware that you can only create contexts on embedded tools. Additionally, they are limited to the launch points.


Why is the same LTI listed multiple times with the same URL?

This can occur when there are multiple placements of the same tools (for example, publisher tools that have separate placements per course). Our LTI improvements aim to make it easier to consolidate all these data points.

Do all LTI Tools automatically have monitors if they are listed and mapped under the LTI Tool launches?

Once you map your LTI tools, they will be available as monitors throughout the Impact dashboard. In order to see those LTI tools in your reports, you need to add them to a Reporting Template or select them in the Monitor filter when creating reports (Users vs. Monitors, Monitor Trends, and User Trends).

Do the LTI Tool Launches capture all placement occurrences (course navigation, rich content editor, modules, etc) and  launch types (iframe, new tabs) of the LTIs?

Currently, the LTI Tool Launches captures all launch types and all placement occurrences except for the Rich Content Editor.


Staying Updated


Once these features are released there are several ways that we will communicate their availability. Keep your eye out for our release notes, monthly newsletters, and blog posts. Should you have any more questions, please reach out to our CSM team!


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