How do I view LTI launches using the LTI Tools feature in the Impact Dashboard?

As an Impact admin, you can view and map LTI launches with associated LTI tools.

When an LTI tool launch has been mapped to the LTI tool, LTI data points can be accessed in the monitor-based reports such as Tool Adoption Report, Course Activity Report, Campaign Reports, Comparison Reports (Monitor Trend, Champions Report, etc.).

If an event is only connected to a context, the context is mapped to the monitor. When that happens, no monitor visits are recorded.

Note: When an LTI launch has been associated with an LTI tool, available out-of-the-box LTI messages display to users when viewing the LTI tool.

Open LTI Tools

Open LTI Tools

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover over the Settings menu [2] and click the LTI Tools icon [3].

View LTI Tool Launches

The LTI Tool Launches page displays a list of LTIs that have been opened from the Learning Management System.

LTI Tool Launches

By default, the LTI Tool Launches page includes the following fields: Name, Description, First Launch, Last Launch, and Total Launches [1].

To search for an LTI tool, type a keyword in the Search field [2]. You can filter items using the Filters button [3]. You can also manage displayed fields using the Columns Visibility button [4].

Note: An LTI tool must be mapped in order for LTI launches to be visible in monitor-based reports. In the LTI Tool Launches page, users can filter results to view unmapped LTI tool launches. The name visible in the Associated LTI Tool column corresponds to the monitor name used in monitor-based reports.

Filter LTI Tools

To add filters, click the Filters button [1].  Click the Add a filter link [2], select the filter drop-down menu [3], and select the filter you want to use [4].

Then type or select the filter to view [5].

Field LTI Tools

To select the fields to display, click the Columns Visibility button [1]. You can enable and disable different fields to view [2].