LTI Tools out of Beta and the Future of LTI Tool Data and Analytics in 2024

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Hello Impact Community!

As you may have noticed and/or have experienced first-hand, the Instructure family has continued to grow. With this growth has come some unique challenges and opportunities for us as a company to find more meaningful ways to meet your use cases and needs, so that we can continually partner with you to improve teaching and learning. We take this mission seriously because it matters, you matter, and all of our students matter!

One example of this is analytics. While we in R&D have done an incredible amount of work already to bring Admin Analytics to all Canvas users, we are far from done in providing the data and analytics that you need and want. With the recent addition of LearnPlatform to the Instructure family, we are excited about the future of LTIs/third-party edtech tools and have been working collaboratively and cross-functionally internally with both the LearnPlatform teams and Canvas Data & Analytics teams to ensure that our products provide the utmost value to you and work together seamlessly. 

This is no small feat as you might imagine and can’t happen overnight. We want to make sure that what we develop is what is actually needed, makes sense, and provides you all with the value that you need and deserve. We want to avoid building something only to change gears months later. For that reason, we temporarily paused the development of the LTI Tools feature inside of Impact in Q3 2023 to ensure alignment with the greater analytics product vision and strategy across the Instructure Learning Platform. 

But, have no fear! We not only have brought back that work in full force, so that LTI Tools will come out of beta in Q4 2023, but we are working on a more comprehensive approach to LTI/third-party adoption data and analytics across the Instructure Learning Platform starting in 2024, and Impact is central to that success! We know that you have an urgent need to understand what is being used, where, when, and how, so that you can better manage your edtech ecosystem, including third-party tools used inside of Canvas courses, to ensure implementation fidelity, deepen adoption, and ultimately ensure a return on your investment. For Q4, you can expect the following:

  • Additional data regarding Plagiarism Framework LTI tools, so that all LTI tool usage is captured, whether LTI 1.1, 1.3, and/or 2
  • Improved visibility and clarity into the LTI tools being launched, where, when, by whom, etc.
  • Ability to more efficiently fill in gaps/map LTI tools in order to improve LTI tool data accuracy
  • Closer partnership and collaboration with LTI vendors to provide more granular adoption data and analytics inside of Impact

Stay tuned here for more specifics and a broader roadmap update soon of what you can expect in 2024 and beyond! As always, feel free to share your thoughts and/or questions below!

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