Admin Analytics and New Analytics feature options will default ON in December

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Exciting times in analytics at Canvas! At the end of 2023, we’re going to default the Admin Analytics and New Analytics (which are course-level analytics) feature options to ON for all customers. 


Admin Analytics

We’ve received great feedback around Admin Analytics since our launch as a Feature Preview in March of this year. Those of you who have not turned this feature on have largely been holding back because it didn’t have a single permission that let you limit and specify access to the tool. 

Great news – a single permission for Admin Analytics is coming in the September 16th Canvas release!

Default ON December 2023

The Admin Analytics feature option will be defaulted ON in the December Canvas release. 

You will still be able to turn OFF the Admin Analytics feature option if the time isn’t right for you. The legacy account analytics page will also remain.

If you haven’t tried Admin Analytics out yet, you can test it in your beta environment. 

Remind me what Admin Analytics does again 

Three dashboards show you data related to Canvas usage at your institution (think breadth of Canvas usage), Canvas course success (think depth of Canvas usage), and student engagement. 

Admin Analytics gives you the power to drill into your data at a granular level and export reports. It will help you answer questions like: 

  • Which courses are published or unpublished this term?
  • Which courses are published but did not have activity this academic year?
  • Which courses are cross-listed, and where are they cross-listed?
  • Are there students enrolled in courses this term who have not had any activity in their courses? Which students?
  • Which Canvas features are widely used and which are not? 
  • For those migrating to New Quizzes: Which courses are using New Quizzes? Can I find a power user? 
  • Are there courses where student averages are low? What about student engagement?
  • How are students doing across their Canvas courses?

Learn more about Admin Analytics

If you want to know more about Admin Analytics, here are some helpful resources: 

Deprecation of Legacy Account Analytics June-July 2024

For now, you will see both Admin Analytics and Analytics in your Admin navigation menu. Next year, in the June - July timeframe, we will deprecate legacy account analytics. The Analytics API will still be available. 


New Analytics

New Analytics, also known as the updated version of course-level analytics, came out a few years ago. 

We’re excited to turn this feature ON for all users because:

  • When I talk with folks that aren’t using this yet, it’s most often because they didn’t know about it. 
  • This feature gives teachers richer data about what’s happening in their courses along with the ability to take action on that data. From viewing weekly student engagement with the course, to being able to Message Students Who fit various criteria, including grade or assignment status, teachers are able to better keep track of students who might need extra attention or support and follow up with them.

As a product team, we’re also looking forward to being able to switch focus from maintaining the legacy course analytics to making updates to New Analytics. 

Learn more about New Analytics

Default ON December 2023

The New Analytics feature option will be defaulted ON in the December Canvas release. 

You will still have the ability to turn off the New Analytics feature option, and if you do that, your teachers will continue to see legacy Course Analytics in their courses. 

Enforcement of New Analytics June-July 2024

In the June-July 2024 time frame, we will enforce the New Analytics feature option, and legacy course analytics will no longer be available. The Analytics API will still be available.