New Quiz Items API in beta

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Two weeks ago, we shared that the New Quiz CRUD operations API was coming to beta. And now, we're excited to announce that the New Quiz Items API is also ready for a beta release.

This new API includes the following:

  • Get a quiz item
  • List quiz items
  • Create a quiz item (excluding stimulus and bank related items)
  • Update a quiz item (excluding stimulus and bank related items)
  • Delete a quiz item
  • Get the media_upload_url for items: (for Hot spot questions)

Both APIs will be released to production on April 15th.

Known issues

Currently the API is not validating

  • The position of quiz entries (the position can be set to anything through the API)
  • The uniqueness of UUIDs in a single question (multiple choice questions can be created whose answers have the same UUID)
  • The keys inside of interaction_data and scoring_data (any data can be put into these hashes)