New Quizzes API is coming to REST

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As New Quizzes development continues, I’m pleased to share that our engineers have the development work for our Quiz Building API project underway once again. As you may recall, we shared earlier this year that focus would be on implementing the Rich Content Editor (RCE) and the API work would be on hold aside from the validation work being done with input from several customers and partners.  

For those that have been following our development, awaiting New Quizzes API endpoints, you will likely remember a post from one of our architects about Instructure moving toward GraphQL. You may also recall our request for response to a survey about your expectations of the API work and providing the option to share your feedback on the format - GraphQL or REST - to be used. Given the fact that New Quizzes had no API at that point in time and we were about to start implementing, coupled with a mixed response to our survey that showed many interested in and willing to learn the new GraphQL format, it made sense to start building in GraphQL so we’d be ahead of the game of changing all Canvas API to the new technology and preventing the need for our users and partners to implement their integrations twice in a short period of time. 

Given feedback received from both internal and external consumers of our APIs during our closed beta and validation sessions with the initial GraphQL APIs since that time, we have made the decision to pivot and implement the New Quizzes APIs in REST.  This will allow for faster access to APIs needed by our customers and partners in a format that all are more familiar with. 

As shared in our last quarterly updates for New Quizzes, we have more teams dedicated to the New Quizzes work, one of which will be focusing their full efforts on building out these new REST endpoints in Canvas. We are still committed to releasing in phases in order to bring value to you as soon as possible. The first phase of the API, the Quiz Building part will be available by the end of Q2 2023. You will be able to access the New Quiz data through these new endpoints similar to how you get data from existing canvas REST endpoints. As they are ready, documentation will be housed on like the rest of the Canvas endpoints.