New Quizzes Integrations End of Quarter Update - Q3 2023

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Q3 Milestones

Over the past few months, the New Quizzes Integrations team has dedicated their time to the Quiz and Item Analysis for New Quizzes. The new process was launched in September, allowing instructors to access the report almost immediately, with the current average being around 30 seconds to generate opposed to the old report which took 24 hours.

Upon the production release, we have taken steps to support our users in adapting to the new report:

Note: The Quiz and Item Analysis (old) report can be accessed for quizzes created and taken before the end of 2023 until the summer of 2024. Quizzes taken after the end of 2023 must use the new Quiz and Item Analysis report. 

Q4 Goals

In the upcoming quarter, the integration team will continue to enhance reporting within New Quizzes by extending Answer Frequency Summary tables to additional question types. Our aim is to provide valuable data for all question types in the future.

Additionally, we are actively discovering the export of the Quiz and Item Analysis report to a CSV file, and the implementation phase will commence shortly."