New Quizzes Integrations Quarter Update - Q2 2022


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I’d like to share what we have been doing in the last quarter, but before I do that, let me explain why you see two end of quarter summaries for New Quizzes. Probably many of you don’t know this, but we added a second team to the New Quizzes effort to focus on needed integrations. We now have one team focused on delivering features, while this additional team is focused on integrating the new Rich Content Editor to New Quizzes and implementing the New Quizzes GraphQL API. 

If you'd like to read about more progress done in Q2 for New Quizzes, please check out Marissa's end of quarter summary post.

Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is a crucial part of creating and taking quizzes and the Bulk Migration Tool is dependent on RCE so we made integrating the new RCE to New Quizzes our number one priority for this team, and we've been working on this already in Q2. Please visit the post about RCE status and plans to see more information.


In April we entered a Closed Beta phase with the Quiz Building use case for the API. We completed the first phase of development -  making some of the API endpoints available - allowing participants to test it and provide feedback. We are working with different proctoring solution partners to validate their needs and give them the opportunity to start working on their integration with New Quizzes. We will continue to work with the proctoring providers and deliver more endpoints for the API. 

Item Analysis

While the engineering team is focused on bringing the new RCE to New Quizzes, I’m working ahead on other user needs. We know that the Item and Student Analysis reports are generating slowly and that causes delays in making sense of student performance and you miss the CSV downloadable format for the reports.

To enable faster access to the reports an architectural redesign is needed and this will take a great effort. Since we’re already planning a major change in our code I want to make sure that the data we provide is the right set of data needed to be most  helpful to you analyzing the effectiveness of the assessment and individual assessment items. 

To understand what our customers need, I spent some of my time in the last quarter asking questions about Item and Student analysis and I already got a lot of great insights. I am going to continue the discovery work on the matter in this quarter as well, so when it’s time, the engineering team can start the work redesigning the analysis. 

I’d like to highlight that this is not a development priority right now, we are still focusing on the RCE and the most important parts of the API, so you shouldn’t expect any releases regarding Item Analysis soon. 

Community Participant

When will New Quizzes be able to handle QTI .zip file uploads?

Community Member

From the API can the question banks be consulted? How?
Thank you

Community Explorer

Thanks for acknowledging this one: "you miss the CSV downloadable format for the reports" — in my cases I can't use New Quizzes until that appears and it's great to hear it's on your radar.