New Quizzes Integrations Quarterly Update - Q4 2022

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Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Last quarter, the New Quizzes team focused on integrations worked hard to finish phase one and two of the RCE integration to New Quizzes and managed to release it to beta first, then to production by the very end of the year. Unfortunately, a bug was found so it was determined best that we turn off the new RCE in New Quizzes. We are actively working on fixing this issue in order to re-enable the new editor. While we cannot yet commit a specific timeline, we are making steady progress for re-enabling the editor. Meanwhile, one of the teams has continued the work for phase 3 of the RCE which will allow you to use 3rd party apps in the editor.


At the end of last year, we decided to implement the API in REST instead of GraphQL for New Quizzes given the feedback received by both external and internal consumers of our Canvas APIs. A third team has started the implementation of the Quiz building API, focusing their full efforts on building out these new REST endpoints in Canvas. You can already see some endpoints documented in the API reference. Please note these are not yet all the endpoints which will be available for Quiz Building. Also, as noted on this page, this API is under active development and the endpoints listed will not function until the API is enabled.  As the time nears for us to enable the API, users will be notified via our product blog and release notes. 

Item Analysis

My team’s focus this quarter is to work on how fast the data is generated for Item Analysis. With the current implementation, it can take up to 24 hours to generate this report, which we recognize is not ideal. This work will also allow us to enhance the UI and to update some key components of the report. We are going to enable faster data generation first with the ability to download the report in CSV format. We will then turn our time and attention to the needed updates we heard during the discovery period during which we identified key pain points with the report which we will address in these later phases. More details to come on the timeline and the future changes as we make progress.