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Hello all, We are new to Canvas and are hoping the community can assist with enhancing the Assessment reporting from within Canvas. We would love to hear how others have developed Assessment reporting dashboards by trainer & Course. Any  suggestion - Admin 

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You can run SQL queries on Canvas Data (

I have designed reports for things like pending grading, overdue assessments, identify students at risk by the number of pending submission and the last submission date, etc.

If you're interested and have access to Canvas Data, I can share my SQL queries for you to get started. 


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Here are samples of some of the reports I have developed

- Module progression report. This report shows the status of student's module (Whether they've completed all the requirements)


- Student's overall progression. This report shows % of submitted assessments and last time they access they system


- At-risk students report based on the number of overdue assessments vs class end date


- Ungraded assessment list.


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