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Looking for recommendations for LTIs or plug ins etc. to help digitalise our workplace assessment process and to help students capture evidence of applicable workplace activities, keep a log of their hours etc. Would love to hear how you are approaching this to improve efficiencies around this.

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Hello @natalie_hamilto 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! This is a great question and I am hoping that we can get some more tracking and discussion to take place on this with how instructors are keeping track of things related to workplace assessments. 

  • One thing I have seen is that some instructors will setup a Google Form that asks their students questions such as "How much time did you spent in your workplace today?" However I believe that the results will only be visible to whoever sets that up. 
  • One other possibility is utilizing Google sheets. The student or the instructor could setup a Google sheet that includes columns for Time spent, Date that it took place, and any additional information you want them to answer. If you allow your students to create collaborations, this might be a great workaround you could explore. 

Outside of that, I honestly am not sure of any LTI's that would keep track of this. If you find anything, please let us know as I am sure other instructors and admins are also curious. 


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