User Group Meeting: May 2020



Roundtable discussion topics

  • COVID-19 - 2 months on, how is your organisation going?
  • Account Settings and Feature Options - how do you configure and manage these?
  • Best practices for Release Notes and staying up to date with the platform



  • Katherine - SEL Consulting, Canvas users for 6 months
  • Coby - Binnacle Training, Canvas users for 6 months
  • Megan - TABMA, Canvas users for 3 months
  • Natacha - Tocal College, Canvas users for 3 years, recently upping to 55,000 users!!
  • Anneka and Glynn - NCNZ, Canvas users for 3 years
  • Zo - Aspire 2 Intl, Canvas users for 2 years
  • Grace - ERA, Canvas users for 5 years
  • Sarah - Status Training, Canvas users for 1 year
  • Ryo - Instructure CSM, Priority Services Team Lead
  • Jacqui - Instructure, our new Global Product Manager for APAC!
  • Kerri - Works with many Canvas customers to help them get the most out of the system, Canvas user for several years
  • Renee - Melbourne based and works with a couple of Canvas users for 2 years
  • Damian - MRWED, Canvas users for 6 years


Meeting Recording Link:

May 2020 User Group Recording Link

Password: 1Z^0$61E


Meeting Minutes:

1) COVID-19 - 2 months on, how is your organisation going?



  • Doing several shorter webinars instead of face to face classes and this has worked better than expected!



  • Previously delivering 50/50 blended learning program, now nearly exclusively online and running several shorter sessions throughout their 'training day' and this has been really successful. 
  • Few assessments which have needed to be delayed, but otherwise running a really successful model


  • Delivering some previous F2F content online and also re-ordering delivery topics i.e. postponing manual handling to later
  • Less impacted by restrictions than other states and are having small student groups coming through onsite


  • As their programs run in schools, and many have been closed, having their programs on Canvas has made it so much easier to keep this afloat during COVID

2) How do people issue end of qual certificates?

Natacha at TOCAL asking for non-accred offerings.

MRWED does this manually through JR. 

TABMA working with JR to get the integration to auto-issue non-accred certificates.

Status using VT and when unit completion data from Canvas comes through, it shows 'QA' triggering this to be done as it occurs instead of full qual admin at the end.

Compliance reasons usually dictate that a person needs to QA and confirm this for accredited courses, but who knows in the future!

3) Account Settings and Feature Options - how do you configure and manage these?


MRWED and Kerri

  • Not really loving the New RCE
  • Image embedding, high volumes of page design are more cumbersome with the new tool, especially can't get images into global announcements
  • Newsletters and webinars are very helpful to keep in touch with what's coming up in the platform


  • Direct share is amazing!
  • Ability to copy content to other courses or share to other users in a super quick way
  • Can be used for Pages, Discussions, Assignments and Quizzes!

Status and ERA

  • Using Blueprints and this has saved SO much time during COVID
  • Didn't know they needed it, but has been a life-saver

Aspire2 Intl

  • Using Microsoft Immersive Reader Tool and some tutors are loving it, especially English
  • Currently limited to Pages which would be great to be expanded
  • A very powerful resource
  • Megan also using this at TABMA and finding it really useful at this point


  • New Quizzes, enforced in Dec and only option as of July 2021
  • Partial grading is only available in multiple answer types which is problematic
  • Grading notes inclusion is awesome, but not file or picture capability
  • Linking resources/PDFs currently not available
  • Downloading resources and using a file upload requires Dropbox link as Files link/association
  • Free text/text only option from classic quizzes not available in New, only have 'Stimulus' which doesn't necessarily fit the use case of setting the scene with multiple evolving questions 
  • These concerns are currently being reviewed by the product team and Instructure team will keep you informed

4) Best practices for Release Notes and staying up to date with the platform



  • Some changes that are high impact either in the UI or functional change, importance of needing to communicate these without being via email that's then ignored or onerous, how do others manage this?
  • MRWED suggested to make this fun/whimsical, perhaps 
  • Kerri and Megan suggested a PD course which has Canvas training / Community resources and all ongoing changes. Works really well for seeing who's done what and having new staff resources in one place. Using Studio to screencast training and materials - does anyone else hear blog post???
  • Status meet every fortnight as a Dev team and she brings to the table the Canvas items they need to know and what they want to do better with