Vocational Ed & Training - May '21 User Group

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This month, Julian Ridden from Upskilled (Previously RedHill Education Group and Instructure) will be showcasing his Student Journey created in response to COVID19 restrictions brought upon us in 2020/21. His presentation will be focusing on the importance of a Student-centric approach to Vocational learning and will include:

  • Onboarding tips to prepare students for online learning
  • Use of native and 3rd party apps to monitor student progress
  • Assessment formats to encourage digital device and video use
  • Providing ongoing feedback to students and trainers/assessors
  • Plus a special surprise for those that attend


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Damian Noud Team Leader – Learner Success Team, MRWED (Chair) @dnoud 
Kerri Buttery Partner, VETNexus (Chair) @kerributtery 
Julian Ridden Head of eLearning, Upskilled (presenter) @jridden
Ruth Thornton CSM - Instructure APAC @rthornton 
Adam Ware CSM - Instructure APAC @adamwarecs 



[00:00] - Introduction to speakers. Julian introduces the world BC (*before covid) explains how the world changed on a dime and challenges that needed to be met

[05:43] - The Strategy: Skeuomorphism. How do we take artifacts from the real world and represent them digitally?

[06:31] - Student-Centered: Our COVID Definition. Discusses the approach in this brave new world, not only for you as a business but you as a human.

[10:17] - The Strategy: Our Methodology. Canvas -"One place for all things NOT one tool for all things"

[10:56] - Canvas Strengths: Integrations. LTIs that allow us to connect tools together within Canvas.

[11:13] - Canvas Strengths: Customisation. Including "The Library Space" and "Online Orientation"

[15:04] - Getting Help: Support Frameworks. Building help mechanisms for Students and Staff have what they need to be successful.

[21:35] - Communication: Cleaner, Better comms. Using Canvas native features and paid LTIs to communicate with your audience in Canvas.

[29:55] - Building at Scale: Effective, Efficient, and Engaging. How do we build content at scale with Canvas native features, paid Canvas features of LTIs.

[37:00] - The Data Story: Useful and Actionable. Tracking actionable insights using Canvas and other data streams.
- Article: Setting up Google Analytics - Canvas Community

[46:40] - How do some Up Covid? Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

[49:30] - Canvas New Releases. We talk about some new feature options that we think will make your life easier!
The Canvas Road Map - Canvas Community  - Be in the know for PRODUCT!
- SpeedGrader: Submission Reassignments - Canvas Community
- SpeedGrader: Comment Library - Canvas Community
- Permissions: Manage Courses Granularity - Canvas Community
- Canvas User Release Summaries - Canvas Community

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