To the best of my understanding, the only way a student can view their 'Analytics' in any course is by:
  1. Clicking on 'People'
  2. Clicking on their name in the course roster
  3. Clicking on the  'Analytics' button


In K-12, I currently (and highly) recommend that all our teacher users hide 'People' in their course navigation menus because it most frequently serves as a distraction to students who end up looking at their peers' avatars, etc. instead of focusing on the academic task(s) at hand.


Obviously, this guidance runs counter to our desire to coach students to track their own progress in blended learning environments.


Therefore, I propose that the student's 'Analytics' button be duplicated in the student's 'Grades' interface at the course level. If that were the case, students would be less likely to miss out on course level analytics in instances in which 'People' has been hidden in the course navigation menu.


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