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Verbal feedback on uploaded documents. Please.




We are all familiar with those caffeine-fuelled marking/grading marathons. Whilst Canvas has moved the pile of papers on the dining table to nothing other than a device, there is still room for greater efficiency here. The Education Endowment Foundation published in 2016 a major report, ‘A Marked Improvement?‘, reviewing the evidence on written marking. It found that the typical teacher spends nine hours marking students’ work each week. Metadata has shown us that feedback has a very positive effect size.


In many cases voice comments are much faster. To learners they are much more engaging and personal. These might be heard several times over and follow the pattern of how young (and some old) people use social messaging. Knowing whether the messages have been heard (even how many times they been heard) would give teachers a fantastic indication of student engagement.


I know that that the assignment comments allow a media comment but it would useful to be able to efficiently record voice notes throughout a document in a way that allows for personalised comments. Perhaps the balloon comment feature could be used for this.


Read more about Katie Kerr’s research in ‘Exploring student perceptions of verbal feedback‘. Her findings show that, “students perceived verbal feedback as a form of focused conversation, different to normal classroom dialogue, identifiable by signals such as personal and task goals.” (see Kerr, Katie. (2017). Exploring student perceptions of verbal feedback. Research Papers in Education. 1-19).


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Shoaib Ali

DLD College London


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