Hi everyone,

Much like the feature that got pushed out in theserelease notes, we would like the ability to restrict enrollments at the subcatalog level based on domain and not just the registration like the current feature. Due to our institution having people create non-institution (Non-UMD) accounts through a registration form on our registration page outside of Catalog the current feature is not working as expected. We still need to customize course cards to reflect who can enroll in Catalog courses because even though someone creates a Non-UMD account they still may have the ability to register for the course if they so choose since no one is blocking them from enrolling besides an indicating message that we place on the course card (as you see below).


In addition, for the current feature, if you choose a domain such as gmail.com then all of the gmail.com accounts will be blocked or allowed. It should be that email addresses such as 123456@gmail.com (with the specific name of the email address) can be blocked or allowed.


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