Hello, I would like to request an enhancement to the LTI report based on the archived idea Report for LTIs (External Apps) Usage and a concern that account-level LTI configurations are not being reported by course. For example, we have configured many partner apps at the account-level because of high demand/use needs; however, the LTI report only shows them tied to the account. Here's a report filtered on Cengage, Macmillan, and McGraw Hill to use as examples for no listing of courses where deployed:


207429_Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.41.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.41.11 PM.png


The report would be more useful if it also showed the courses that they are deployed in. This means we can then view total use of LTI to see which are being used, or not being used, and to then have a course count per term. Right now there is no way to identify courses where various LTIs have been deployed.


Thank you!


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